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Organic mini snack for dogs

Organic Grain-Free dry cat food for sterilised cats

Organic Grain-Free dry cat food

Organic mini snack for cats

Organic cat food pâté in 3 tastes

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The right food
It took me a lot of time to find the right food for my Stella. Finding the right food for sterilized cats is really difficult. As soon as I read about Yarrah, I knew it was right for my cat! Stella loves this food. Everytime I fill a food container, she can’t wait and eats directly from pack. Thank you for your amazing job with this pet food!
5/5 stars by Kate
Full trust
We have full trust in this amazing brand! Delivery was super fast, It’s organic, super nutritious food and our dog really enjoying it.
5/5 stars by Timas
Cat loves it!
Our cat loves it! From day one! And we love that it is organic and grain free! Big thumbs up!
5/5 stars by Amalie

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