To make a change for the better. For your pet, for you and the planet.

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Our food is pure and better for your pet as well as the environment.

Go for organic, healthy and sustainable.

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More than just tasty pet food.

The health of your pet is our top priority. Which translates to high quality recipes and ingredients. This is why we go for organic.


Pure ingredients that make a difference

High-quality food has a positive effect on dogs and cats. It improves their coat, digestion and energy balance. In addition, it is often reported that switching to Yarrah reduces itching and allergy symptoms.


Pure and healthy

Our food is organic, which means it is free of chemical colouring, aromas and flavouring. No pesticides or GMOs. We do not add any preservatives, refined sugars or other substances that do not belong in animal food.


Quality assurance

We analyse raw materials before processing them. In addition, we visit our suppliers personally to verify that the animals have a better life and the raw materials are truly organic. Unless we are completely assured of the quality, we won’t put it in our food.

And they agree.

We asked pet owners and their pets how they feel about our food.

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Caring for a senior cat; what to keep in mind?

The right food

It took me a lot of time to find the right food for my Stella. Finding the right food for sterilized cats is really difficult. As soon as I read about Yarrah, I knew it was right for my cat! Stella loves this food. Everytime I fill a food container, she can’t wait and eats directly from pack. Thank you for your amazing job with this pet food!

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Full trust

We have full trust in this amazing brand! Delivery was super fast, It’s organic, super nutritious food and our dog really enjoying it.

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Cat loves it!

Our cat loves it! From day one! And we love that it is organic and grain free! Big thumbs up!

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Switching to pure food

87% of pet owners notices a positive result after switching to Yarrah’s organic food. Switch to organic now!

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Healthy, organic pet food

Meat from animals that had a better life

Pure ingredients without pesticides or GMOs

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