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Working method

Our working method demonstrates that Yarrah is more than tasty pet food alone.  

Pure ingredients that make a difference

We are here for the conscious pet lover who wants to make the extra effort and do the right thing, just like Yarrah. Because the health of your pet is our top priority. And with that, the high quality of our recipes, ingredients and sustainable products. The ingredients in our dog and cat food are sourced from organic farmers and cattle breeders who want to make the world a better place – just like we do.

Quality assurance

We analyse raw materials before processing them. In addition, we visit our suppliers personally to verify that the animals have a better life and the raw materials are truly organic. Unless we are completely assured of the quality, we won’t process it in our food. 

Our certificates demonstrate that we meet the most stringent requirements for organic products, animal wellbeing, social and environmental performance and food safety:

Yarrah is organic which means its products are free of chemical colouring, aromas and flavouring, pesticides and GMOs. We do not add any preservatives, refined sugars or other substances that do not belong in pet food.

We handle animals and nature with the utmost respect. We only work with chickens, cows, pigs and turkeys that had a better life. 

Yarrah is B Corp certified, meaning that we have been found to meet the highest standard for social and environmental performance.

Our products are not tested on animals. Instead, we ask owners whether their pet can try our new product. If the dogs or cats like the product and if it adds something to our product range, we will take the product to market.

Yarrah does not use organic fish. Instead, we opt for sustainably caught MSC fish.

Our vegan products for dogs are certified by:

“The Vegetarian Society”, “The Vegan Society” and EVU (European Vegetarian Union).

The products meet the requirements set by these organisations and are 100% vegetarian and vegan. 

Our ISO 22000 certificate proves that our food safety is up to par, our suppliers are reliable and our quality management system functions properly.


Healthy, organic pet food

Meat from animals that had a better life

Pure ingredients without pesticides or GMOs

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