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How do I take care of my dog? Tips for new dog-owners

Getting a dog is something that entails a great deal of responsibility. Lots of people underestimate the impact that a dog will have on their daily lives. Owning a dog takes up time (giving him attention, feeding him, walking him) and costs a lot of money (food, vaccinations, tax, accessories). A dog is truly for life, and can’t simply be returned once he gets ill. In short, you need to look after your dog.

Make time for your dog

If you give your dog the attention he needs (and deserves), then you will establish a really close bond with him. Train him correctly and he will listen to you. There are various ways of training your dog: from puppy-training to toilet-training, from guard dog duties to obedience courses. You can even get them dance lessons.

Walks are a must for dogs. Size doesn’t matter in this respect – both small and large breeds have to be walked at least three times a day, preferably four times a day. You see, walking is a good way of encouraging digestion, though it is also necessary for your animal’s musculoskeletal system. Not walking means stiffening of the bones.

Give your dog an identity

Never walk you dog without a collar with up-to-date identification. Better still, get your dog chipped. After all, if your dog unexpectedly gets lost you won’t want it to be forever, will you?

Give your dog the right food

Only want the best for your dog? Give him Yarrah. Feeding him some of whatever you’re having is convenient, but: a) it doesn’t ensure that your dog is getting the right nutrition; and b) your dog will be getting too many nutrients that aren’t good for him. So: dog food is for your dog, and human food is for humans.


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