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All you need to known about gluten allergies in cats

What exactly is gluten?

Gluten is the name for a group of proteins found in cereals, particularly in wheat. Wheat is similar to rye, barley and spelt. And so these cereals contain a quantity of gluten too.

Gluten is subdivided into two groups of proteins, the glutenins and the gliadins. The gliadins can cause problems. Cereals with little or no gliadin content (rice, maize) can be eaten by dogs and cats with a gluten allergy. Non-cereals – such as wild rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, amaranth, soya beans and sunflower seeds – contain little or no gliadins. Animal products never contain gluten.

What are the symptoms of a gluten allergy?

When a dog or a cat has a gluten allergy, then the primary symptoms will be diarrhea and skin problems. Unfortunately, owners are quick to assume that their pet has a gluten allergy, whereas it’s really something that only a vet can diagnose. Diarrhea, for instance, has a wide array of causes. And skin problems can be caused by the excessively high temperature when cats or dogs are lying by a radiator.

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