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What should my dog not eat? Foods poisonous to dogs

Which foods are better to avoid to give your dog or might even be poisonous? Below you will find some examples of foods poisonous or harmful to dogs.

Beer / alcohol

“But my dog loves beer!” He might like the taste, but please don’t give it to him. Alcohol can cause coma in dogs and be fatal.


Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance poisonous to dogs. It can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, anxiety and (in extreme cases) fits.

Chicken bones

Cooked chicken bones can splinter and cause choking or damage to the mouth. Please don’t assume that cooking the bones will make them soft, as it actually makes them more likely to splinter.

Garlic & onion

Garlic and onions contain thiosulphate, a substance that can irritate a dog’s digestive tract. It can also damage red blood cells and cause anaemia.

Grapes & raisins

Although fruit is not generally bad for dogs, it is better not to give them any grapes (nor, therefore, any raisins). They contain an as yet unidentified substance that is bad for the kidneys of both dogs and cats.

Raw eggs

It’s best not to give your dog any raw eggs. These contain avidin, an anti-vitamin that adversely affects the metabolism of fats, sugar, amino acids and energy.


Some plants may be poisonous to your dog, such as yew, amaryllis, tulips, rhubarb, holly, lilies, azalea, autumn crocus. To see the full list of plants that are toxic and why, visit:


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