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Little legs, little bodies – on small breeds of dog

Taking your chihuahua or dachshund for a walk is a real treat for him, but also demands a great deal of exertion. For every step you take those short legs take three or four. And so if the little guy is playing fetch, jumping around excitedly, those little legs are going to be doing some pretty hefty overtime.

Taking small dogs for a walk

There is some generally accepted, ‘standard’ advice on how often and for how long you should walk your dog each day, namely at least three times a day, each time for a minimum of half an hour up to a whole hour. Nevertheless, it’s also important for you to ‘listen’ to your dog. A lovely stroll in the woods (for example) is great, but do bear in mind your dog’s energy reserves. Large dogs are perfectly capable of coping with long walks, but for small breeds it’s advisable to shorten the route.

Especially for small breeds

Yarrah has a mini kibble especially for small breeds, containing a little more energy than the kibbles for medium-sized to large dogs. Small dogs are often a little more agile and energetic than their larger cousins, and can really do with those extra proteins.

One source of energy for humans is sugar, but dogs don’t get along well with it. Which is why Yarrah Small Breed kibbles don’t contain any sugar, instead using eggs as an extra source of energy. Furthermore, a sizeable proportion of the energy comes from chicken and plant proteins. Thus enabling those little legs to keep pace with your big steps.


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