How much does a puppy cost? Costs of purchasing and raising a pup

Dog food, vaccinations, puppy training; purchasing and raising a puppy is far from free. What would be a reasonable cost estimate? We will answer the question: how much does a puppy cost?

Purchase costs

The costs of purchasing a puppy depend on whether or not you want a pedigree dog and where you will be purchasing it. A pup from the shelter will set you back around EUR 100. A pedigree pup may cost several hundreds of euros. Ranging from around EUR 400 for a small pedigree up to EUR 1,000 or more for a large pedigree dog. Of course, this doesn’t include the required vaccinations.

Basic necessities

Apart from all the available extras, there are a couple of basic necessities you will need to get your pup. This includes food and water bowls, a basket or rug, a collar and leash and enough toys. Costs vary; you can get a collar that is decorated with rhinestones that will set you back hundreds of euros. Our calculation will be based on average amounts. The basic necessities will cost around EUR 100 to EUR 300, depending on the size, amount and quality of your purchases.


Purchasing the pup and toys alone won’t get you there; you will have to incur additional costs. This includes the vet. These are variable costs that are difficult to estimate. A consultation costs around EUR 30 to EUR 40 and vaccinations will set you back a similar amount. In addition, some municipalities will be charging you dog ownership tax. These costs vary greatly depending on where you live. And finally, dog food makes up an important expense. A lot of cheap dog food options are available, but they aren’t necessarily healthy for your dog. It is best to opt for organic, high-quality dog food even if it costs a bit more. Yarrah’s organic dog food contains no artificial scents, pigments, flavouring, chemical antioxidants, pesticides, hormones or GMOs. Plus, we value animal wellbeing when producing the food. Rest assured that the food you give your dog is pure and better for your animal and our planet as a whole. You’ll find more information about Yarrah and our dog food range here.

Average costs of a puppy

On average, caring for a puppy will cost around EUR 700 to EUR 1000 per year.

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