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How much can I feed my dog?

Quality is not the only thing that matters in terms of providing your dog with a healthy diet. The amount of food is of great importance as well. Below you will find out how to determine the amount of food your dog should be eating.

How much food should my dog eat?

There isn’t a single answer to the question of how much you should be feeding your dog. It depends on several factors. Examples are your dog’s age and breed, but also its sex and how active your dog is.


A pup is smaller than an adult dog. This means a pup also eats less. Up to the age of 8 weeks, a pup will drink milk or eat special puppy food. After 8 weeks, you can give your pup kibble. The food diagrams below provide an overview of the recommended amounts of Yarrah food for pups. Check the breed size of your pup and its age to find the correct amount.

Other factors

Apart from age and breed size, several other factors are at play in determining the energy need of your dog.

• Castration – castrated dogs need 30% less energy on average, so they also need less food.
• Pregnant/lactating – Pregnant or lactating dogs need more energy which means they need more food.

Food calculator

As the amount of food you should be feeding your dog highly depends on several factors, Yarrah has developed the food calculator. This calculator involves answering several questions about your dog, such as its weight, level of activity and whether you intend to give it dry or wet food. The result is a tailor-made recommendation, telling you exactly how much food your dog needs.

The importance of the correct amount of food

Giving your dog the correct amount of food is important in promoting its health. Not enough food will result in deficits, leaving it more exposed to diseases, but too much food can cause obesity with the potential of diabetes and heart and lung problems.


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