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Deworming your dog: why and when?

Worms: not the most pleasant subject. And yet it is important to keep an eye on these parasites, especially if you are a dog owner. Dogs can be greatly affected by worms. This makes deworming your dog an absolute necessity!

Why deworm my dog?

Worms are nasty parasites that can cause chronic gastrointestinal problems. This is why it is important to deworm your dog regularly. This contributes to your dog’s health. Puppies that are not dewormed may get ill and suffer from growth retardation. In addition, some worms can infect both humans and dogs.

How do I know whether my dog has worms?

A mature dog will usually not show any signs of worms. You may be able to find pieces of the worms in its faeces or vomit. Pups may suffer from diarrhoea and respiratory problems. Their stomachs may get inflated even though the rest of their body remains skinny. If your dog is suffering from tapeworm, you can find segments of these worms in the faeces; they look like grains of rice. Not sure whether your dog is suffering worm infection? Consult your vet.

When should I deworm my dog?

You can deworm your dog preventively. It is recommended to start doing this at a young age. Deworm a pup younger than eight weeks every two weeks, pups of eight weeks to six months old every month, and it is recommended to deworm dogs older than six months four times a year.

How to deworm?

Various deworming agents are available. Some varieties are suitable for pups, others are not. The vet can help you pick the right one.


Your dog may catch worms when suffering from infected flea eggs. These two parasites go hand in hand. Deflea you dog regularly to prevent this from happening. Got a cat as well? Deworm and deflea him/her on a regular basis too, in order to prevent your animals from infecting each other.

Healthy dog

Want to know more about the health of your dog and how to determine if it is healthy? Read more about the features of a healthy dog.

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4 thoughts on “Deworming your dog: why and when?

  1. We have golden retreiver 8 week old and we want Deworm our dog . Can we mixing Deworming tablet in dog food and give

    1. Yes, you can add the deworming tablet to the dog food, but most dogs also eat it if you just give it directly. In this way you are sure he or she will take in the whole tablet. If it is difficult to give the tablet directly, you can try mixing it with some food.

  2. It’s good to know that I should take dogs that are older than six-months-old to the veterinarian to get dewormed four times a year. My pet pug, Meelo, defecated this morning in our front lawn, and I saw segments of worms when I cleaned the feces. I’ll take him to a vet clinic and have him dewormed immediately. Thanks for this!

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