How much exercise does my dog need?

Exercise is important to maintain your dog’s good health. Everybody knows dogs need to be walked every day. But how much exercise does your dog need exactly? We will tell you all about it and give recommendations to make sure your dog gets enough exercise.

Why is exercise important?

Dogs need exercise. Exercise keeps them in good shape and allows them to release their energy. In addition, it also benefits their mental wellbeing. Exercise stimulates the muscles as well as the mind. Exercise is also a way for dogs to relax. How much exercise your dog needs, depends on several factors. For example, a pup exercises less than an adult dog, but a pug also needs much less exercise than a sheepdog. Read up on your dog’s breed to find out how much exercise and challenge it needs.

How much exercise does a pup need?

You can take your pup on a lot of walks, as long as the walks aren’t too long. Long walks may overtax their bodies which may cause issues with their locomotive system later in life. It is recommended to walk pups 4-5 times a day. Walk them for 10 minutes x your pup’s age in months. Do keep an eye on your pup to make sure it can handle the walk. If it gets tired, cut the walk short by 5 minutes x your pup’s age in months.

How much exercise does an adult dog need?

How much exercise your adult dog needs, depends on the breed. It is recommended to take it for at least several walks every day. Make sure at least one of the daily walks is longer than a half hour. As mentioned earlier, take note of your dog’s breed. Some breeds need a lot of exercise for maintaining good health, both physically and mentally. Examples of such breeds are sheepdogs, hounds and Pitbull varieties.

Different types of exercise

You can walk your dog on foot, but there are other types of exercise as well. For example, taking it for a bike ride. You can begin cycling your dog after the age of 9 months. Do built it up gradually. Other options are a special dog sport such as canicross, agility training or gundog training. You can practice these sports when your dog is one year or older.

General recommendations

– Always pay attention to how much your dog can handle. Is your dog tired? Do not push it over its boundaries
– Be careful on hot days! When temperatures are high, it’s better to walk your dog in a forest than on the tarmac. Tarmac can burn your dog’s tender soles when it gets too hot.
– Be careful when it’s cold too! When facing sub-zero temperatures or snow, your dog may hurt its paws on the ice. Put some protective Vaseline on its soles to prevent this from happening.

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