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Making your garden dog-friendly | Recommendations and advice

You probably like to enjoy your garden on a nice summer day. Dogs love a garden. It allows them to run, play or get lazy in the sun. A couple of modifications will make your garden dog-friendly so you can both fully enjoy it.

Rest and shade

Just like you probably love to lie down on your couch, your dog enjoys some peace and quiet in the garden. Make sure it has a robust, weather-proof basket where the dog can get lazy. Keep in mind that it needs a spot in the shade as well. Direct sunlight may overheat the dog. Always make sure there is a bowl of fresh water near the basket.

Poisonous plants

A number of plants is poisonous to dogs. Make sure you do not keep these plants in your garden. If your dog has eaten from a poisonous plant, always consult a vet.

Some examples of poisonous plants:

• Taxus
• Rhododendron
• Cytisus
• Foxglove
• Aconite
• Delphinium

Cacao pods are also dangerous for dogs because they contain theobromine which is poisonous to dogs.

Garden enclosure

Make sure the garden has proper fencing so your dog can’t escape. It has to be robust and tall enough so your dog can’t jump over.


Digging makes for a major frustration for many dog owners with a garden. And yet there is little a dog can do about it; it is natural behaviour. If you want to prevent your dog from digging a pit in the centre of your lawn, offer it an alternative place where digging is allowed. Consider an old sandbox or a demarcated area in the garden. When your dog is digging in a location where it isn’t allowed, correct it and show it the right location.


Make sure no hazardous products are left out in the garden. Make sure your dog cannot reach the waste bins and the garage door is always properly locked. Do not leave any poisonous materials out in the garden or the garden shed and be careful with pesticides.

Making more than just your garden dog-friendly

You will need to take measures inside the home as well in addition to the garden. Remember to stow away any cables and remove poisonous houseplants. Read more about how to make your home dog-friendly.


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