A safe garden for cats

Cats love freedom and open air. They are stimulated by all the scents in the air and are able to move around freely. Still, there are reasons to keep your cat inside or in your own garden: busy traffic or to prevent any issues with the neighbours. Here you’ll read all about how to make a garden safe for cats and how to keep your cat in your own garden.

Demarcating your garden

Do you live near a busy road but still want to let your cat go outside? Make sure your garden is properly fenced to prevent accidents. It takes quite a bit of effort to keep your cat in your own garden, given how acrobatic the little buggers can be. Some recommendations:

• No trees or tall objects near the fence

A tree, container or stack of chairs are great ways for a cat to get itself over a fence. So keep a little distance between tall objects and the fence.

• Demarcate your garden

Demarcate your garden with course netting. This should keep your cat where it’s supposed to be. Do make sure the netting is tall enough and preferably bends in at the top.
Room beneath the gate? Prevent your cat from getting through by installing a board.

• Protective net

Use protective netting to easily secure a patio, balcony, terrace or part of your garden.

• Make a catio

Got a big garden? It may be difficult to demarcate or fence your entire garden. Cats tend to find tiny holes and somehow manage to escape through them. In this case you may opt for installing a large catio.

• Harness

A harness allows you to walk your cat. Do make sure you allow your cat or kitten to get used to it by practising indoors first.

Make your garden appealing to cats

Make sure the demarcated part of your garden or your catio is appealing to your cat. Make sure it gets enough stimuli and exercise. Check out our recommendations!

Poisonous plants

Though cats are carnivorous, they do enjoy the occasional taste of some fresh greens in your garden. Especially young cats and cats that are feeling bored, will nibble on garden plants. Make sure you remove any plants that are poisonous from your garden when prepping it for the arrival of your cat. Take a look at the list of poisonous garden and houseplants.

Indoor cat

If you want to keep your cat indoors just in case, make sure it gets enough stimuli and exercise.

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