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Tips for losing weight and overweight among dogs

It is estimated that almost a third of the European pets are overweight, which may include your dog. There are multiple causes of overweight among dogs. Here is what you can do to get your dog to lose some weight.

Causes of overweight among dogs

There may be several reasons why your dog is overweight. It could be something simple, like medication, or a health problem like a slow thyroid gland. In addition, dogs can gain weight due to insufficient exercise or overeating. Perhaps your dog tends to beg a lot and you just can’t resist its gaze. Or maybe your dog is getting older? Senior dogs expend less energy so they need less food, just like a neutered dog. In addition, certain breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers are more prone to weight gain than others. Paying close attention to the weight of these dogs is especially important. One of the things that can tell you whether your dog has a healthy weight, is it’s figure.

For help figuring out the right amount of food for your dog, use our food calculator.

3 tips for losing weight

Overweight can be very unhealthy for your dog, causing all kinds of health risks such as joint problems.

Make sure you give it the right amount of food

It may sound simplistic, but too much food is often the primary reason for overweight. Use the food calculator to find out whether you are feeding your dog too much. Limit the amount of treats and opt for responsible treats.

The right food

The amount of food isn’t the only important factor; it is also important to choose the right type of food for your dog. Yarrah offers various types of dog food, for example food for puppies, adult dogs and seniors. In addition, we offer food for small breeds and dogs with special needs or allergies.

Ensure plenty of exercise

Exercise is key in helping your dog lose weight. The amount of exercise your dog will need depends on the breed, among other things. It is recommended to take it on multiple walks every day and spend at least more than a half hour on one of them. Walks are great, but another option is to take your dog for a workout. Cycling is a good alternative, as well as special activities for dogs like canicross and agility training. These things can be quite intense, so it is best to wait until your dog has reached the age of 9 months.

Read more about how much exercise your dog needs.


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