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Human, animal and nature

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How to Make a Fence That Keeps Your Cats Safe

In this guide, we will teach you how to make your own DIY fence that prevents your cats from escaping.

Introducing a new housemate to your adult cat

Bringing a new kitten into a house where an adult cat already lives can be a tricky process.

Cat Urinating in the House: Tips to Prevent this Problem

One of the biggest challenges of having a cat is the problem of urinating in the house.

Is my cat pregnant?

In this blog, we highlight some of these characteristics and answer the question: how long is a cat pregnant?

What is the Average Lifespan of Cats?

Here we provide the best possible answer to the question “How old do cats get”.

Managing Ticks on Cats

Here you can learn about removing a tick from a cat and steps you can take to prevent ticks on cats.

Things to Know Before Getting a Cat

Here you can read all about how to choose a cat, raising a kitten, cat food, and the cost of owning a cat.

Recognising and Treating Tapeworm in Cats

Cat owners should check their cat’s health regularly. Here you can learn all about tapeworm in cats.

How to spoil your pets during Christmas

Celebrating Christmas with your pets can be a joyful and memorable experience.

The ideal weight of a kitten

Here you can find information about the ideal weight of a kitten according to their age and a handy kitten weight chart.

Cats that don’t shed or shed very little

Why would one want to consider cats that don’t shed much, or not at all?

Caring for and raising a kitten

Raising a kitten can be fun but is often the least considered responsibility when you bring a new kitten into your home.

Allergic to cats? Consider a hypoallergenic cat

It is estimated that nearly 1 in 5 people in the UK are allergic to cats. Many of them would however love to have a cat.

My cat has cat flu, how should I treat it?

Why is my cat sneezing a lot? You might be dealing with cat flu.

The signs and treatment of ear mites in cats

Ear mites are very contagious and this means that cats can easily become infested.

The difference between "Organic" and "Natural" explained

The terms organic and natural are often confused with each other, but what is the difference?

Dog or cat food: in a paper bag or with a layer of plastic?

Is paper always a suitable replacement for plastic packaging?

Common health issues in dogs and cats

We will discuss some common health issues in dogs and cats and offer some advice on how to deal with them.

Recognising pet body language: What your dog or cat is saying

An arched back or wagging tail – our pets can tell us a lot with their bodies.

Higher prices, and why that is a good thing!

You might have noticed that the prices of our products have increased.

The perfect Christmas gift for dogs and cats

For many, Christmas is not only a day to dine with family and friends, but also to spoil their pets with a present under the Christmas tree.

Green is the new black

On 26 November we change Black Friday into Green Friday. This whole week Yarrah donates 10% of all webshop purchases to Trees for All!

How to care for your pet in a sustainable way

More and more people are concerned about the world of tomorrow and choose to contribute to a more sustainable future.

A sustainable brand opting for plastic packaging: what’s the deal?

Yarrah is organic, aren’t they all about sustainability? Why opt for plastic packaging?

So many types of plastic. Anything sustainable?

What are the different types of plastic? And how sustainable are those alternatives? Read all about it in this blog!

Designing your house and outdoor space for pets

Are you expecting to welcome a dog or cat into your family?

Undesirable behaviour: if your dog or cat doesn’t do what you want

A pet displaying undesirable behaviour can drive us to despair. Here are some tips to help you deal with this kind of behaviour and improve the situation.

New: organic and complete portion meals for cats

The organic portion meals come in a handy light weighted pouch and are available in 3 flavours: beef, chicken and turkey

A first time for everything with your dog or cat

As a brand-new dog or cat owner, you will be experiencing a lot of firsts together. The first walk, their first time being left alone…

Special dietary advice for your dog or cat

This article will tell you all about special dietary recommendations for your dog or cat.

Taking your dog or cat to the vet

In this article, we will tell you all about the vet and how they can help.

Yarrah Organic Petfood launches fully recyclable packaging

As of April 2021, all kibble packaging will consist of mono-plastic, making the bags completely recyclable.

What to feed my pet? On pets and food

You might be asking yourself: “What does a dog eat?” or “What does a cat eat?”. In this article, we will tell you all about your pet and food.

Cost of purchasing and maintaining a pet

Adopting a dog or cat involves costs. The first expense is the purchase itself, but maintaining your pet comes with a price tag of its own.

The coronavirus and your pet: the influence of COVID-19 on your dog or cat

This article provides an in-depth explanation of the coronavirus in relation to pets.

Grooming a pet: here’s how to clean the eyes, ears and nose of your dog or cat

Just like humans, our pets can get dirt in their eyes, nose or ears too. Except they can’t really clean it very well.

Help, my pet is missing! Lost your dog or cat? Here’s what to do

There are several things you can do when your pet has gone missing in order to get reunited as quickly as possible.

Introducing a new pet to the home, here’s how to introduce your dog or cat

You want to welcome a new pet to the home, but how to go about it?

Do animals dream? Here’s what we know about dreaming dogs and cats!

When we close our eyes at night, we depart to dreamland. But what about dogs and cats?

A poisoned pet: first aid for a poisoned dog or cat

Antifreeze, chocolate or a certain plant; these can be dangerous things when pets decide to have a nibble or a lick

Can my pet get corona? Frequently asked questions about the coronavirus

We will tell you all about the corona virus and how it may affect you and your pet.

First aid for dogs and cats

Just like us humans, animals can get in trouble too. Here are some tips to help your pet in an emergency.

How to recognise a happy cat?

We all want our cat to be happy. But how to recognise a happy cat, isn’t always straightforward.

Cats and kitchen counters; here’s how to keep them off!

Has your cat developed a special bond with your kitchen counter?

Why does my cat meow so much?

Though a cat will often meow for attention, the behaviour may have a different cause.

Why Yarrah uses residual streams for pet food

Some (parts of) products that aren’t used in the food industry, make for excellent pet food.

Sustainable treats for your pet: what to look for

Want to treat or reward your dog or cat with a tasty snack every now and then?

Sustainable pet food packaging, what is what?

There are several things that affect the sustainability of your pet. Food is one of them.

Leaving your dog or cat on its own? Check out our 8 tips

Here are 8 tips to make your dog or cat as comfortable as possible whenever you are not around.

4 x sustainable toys for your dog or cat

Here are four ideas for sustainable dog and cat toys.

Dog and cat food labelling, what is it and how to read it?

We will explain how food labels work and how to read them.

What type of meat is used in pet food?

Beef, chicken or turkey; your dog or cat probably loves it all. But what kind of meat is it?

‘Adopt, don’t shop’: 8 reasons to adopt a pet from a shelter

Are you on the market for a dog or cat? Here are 8 reasons for adopting a dog or cat.

Recognising, solving and preventing dental problems in dogs and cats

More than sixty percent of dogs and cats over three years of age has dental problems.

Cruelty-free and sustainable pet food

Animal testing isn’t limited to makeup, medication or bath foam.

A sustainable vacation with your pet

A couple of tips for a sustainable vacation with your pet.

Living in a tiny house with a dog or cat, can it be done?

A tiny house is small and a dog or cat needs its space. Can the two be married? Here are some tips!

Here is how proper nutrition affects your pet’s coat

A healthy coat depends on nutrition in addition to coat care.

How to combat arthrosis in dogs and cats?

When your dog or cat suffers from arthrosis, it may experience a lot of pain and discomfort.

Arthrosis in dogs and cats: what is it and what causes it?

Painful joints when moving around: arthrosis is an unpleasant affliction.

A senior or ageing cat: what to keep in mind?

What to keep in mind and how to help your senior cat lead a happy life?

A cat flap: cat-friendly or not?

Are cat flaps always cat-friendly? Here is what to keep in mind.

An outdoor cat: the pros and cons

Why let your cat outside or decide to keep it indoors? Here are all the pros and cons.

Can a dog or cat get jealous?

Below the answer to the question whether a dog or cat is capable of jealousy.

Your pet while you’re on vacation: will it tag along?

Whether it be far away or close to home, we all love a well-deserved holiday.

Your pet while you’re on holiday: a pet sitter at home

What to keep in mind when getting an in-house pet sitter?

Your pet while you’re on holiday: pet hotels

What to keep in mind when taking your pet to a pet hotel?

Does a cat prefer to be the only cat in the house?

What is better: keeping a cat alone or with other cats?

Wet food or kibble: what is more sustainable?

Did you know that their food affects the ecological footprint of pets?

Pet food quality labels: what do they mean?

Not only food for humans can come with a quality label. We will explain what quality labels Yarrah maintains.

Why cats need meat

Your cat needs animal proteins to stay healthy. We will explain why cats need meat.

How environmentally friendly is the life of my pet and how can I contribute?

How does your pet impact the climate and what can you do to limit the effects?

What to do with used cat litter and what are sustainable alternatives?

Owning a cat means owning a litter box. But what to do with used cat litter?

Choose the right cat food for every age group

It is important to choose the right cat food for every age group.

Why give my pet organic food?

We will tell you all about organic food and its benefits to your pet.

A begging cat? 5 tips for eliminating this behaviour!

Here are five tips for getting rid of begging in your cat.

6 tips for recognising the behaviour of cats

These six tips will help you learn more about your cat as well as recognise its remarkable behaviour.

Diabetes in cats, here is how to prevent it

How to prevent your cat from developing diabetes? How to help feline diabetes patients? We will explain!

Tasty yet healthy snacks for cats

Want to treat your cat with something tasty every now and then without running the risk of weight gain?

What does organic mean and what is organic food?

In order to understand what sets it apart from other types of food, you need to know what organic means.

What to do with my cat or dog when I go on vacation?

Every year we look forward to our vacation. But what to do with your cat or dog while you’re away?

Help, my cat is overweight! Tips for losing weight and overweight among cats

Here are some tips about how to prevent overweight among cats and how to get them to lose weight.

Everything you need to know about cats with allergies

A lot of cats have an allergy, what can you do about it?

Plants that are poisonous for cats

Which flowers and plants are harmless and which ones can be harmful?

Making the world a better place

Yarrah, producer of organic food for cats and dogs, aims to make the world a better place through all its activities.

9 summer tips for your dog and cat

How can you prepare your dog or cat for the summer?

Safe play with your kitten | Tips and advice

Playing with your kitten is a lot of fun, it’s educational and it stimulates the bonding process.

Socialising a kitten: how is it done?

Proper socialisation will help your kitten get used to other animals, people and sounds at a young age.

Cat peeing or spraying indoors: what to do?

It is far from pleasant when a cat makes a habit of peeing or spraying indoors.

Help, my cat bites! – Tips for a cat that bites

A kitten may bite into your hand or foot while playing, do not allow this to become a habit. What to do if your cat bites, here are our tips!

My cat has been scratching my furniture. What to do?

If a cat has been scratching your furniture, it is probably lacking a scratching post: find more tips on how to prevent scratching below.

Correcting your cat’s bad behaviour

Do you want to teach your cat to pee in the litter box or prevent spraying, scratching and biting? We are pleased to help you!

How to potty train my kitten?

Potty training a kitten is usually not difficult. Here are some tips to make the process of potty training your kitten even faster and easier!

Organic beef farm quality inspection

In Austria is an organic dairy cattle farm. It is one of the farms that supply Yarrah the organic beef for its dog and cat food.

Letting your kitten out for the first time

Letting your kitten out for the first time. Always a stressful moment! We have got some useful recommendations and will tell you what to keep in mind.

Leaving your kitten unattended

Leaving your kitten unattended? When to start and for how long? You may not like leaving your kitten unattended, but sometimes you have no choice. Hence some useful recommendations!

A safe garden for cats

We make recommendations on how to create a garden that is safe for cats and how to keep your cat in your own garden. Be wary of poisonous plants.

6 recommendations for a cat-friendly home

A cat-friendly home is a home that takes the cat into account. We give 5 recommendations on what to keep in mind when getting a cat.

Safe living environment for your cat

Hence a blog post about how to create a safe living environment for your cat.

Keeping a cat indoors? Make sure it gets enough challenge and exercise!

Considering keeping your cat indoors? Read our recommendations below about how to keep your cat healthy and stress-free.

Caring for a cat, what to consider?

Generally speaking, cats are champions in terms of their own hygiene, but sometimes you need to lend a helping hand. How to care for your cat? Here is our answer.

Meat-based meal instead of fresh meat, not a bad idea!

Yarrah puts production of the best food for dogs and cats first. But we also consider sustainability.

Neutering or sterilising a cat?

Having your cat neutered or sterilised in time, prevents problems. We will list the benefits and downsides of neutering and sterilising a cat for you.

Deworming your cat: why and when?

Why do you need to deworm your cat or kitten? When can you start and how often is deworming necessary? We help you with these tips.

What to do if my cat has fleas?

Whenever one brings up the topic, most people start scratching themselves: fleas. Luckily, you can prevent them.

Vaccinating kittens: what, why and when?

It is recommended to have your kitten vaccinated in order to protect it against diseases. It is important to know how this works, why you need to vaccinate your kitten and when it is best to do it.

How do you know a cat is healthy?

In order to determine whether your cat is healthy, you need to be able to recognise the features of a healthy cat. Here are some facts about the health of your cat.

Switching cat food: do it gradually

If you want to switch cat food, it is important that your cat gets used to it gradually. Here are some tips about how to transition slowly.

6 tips for a picky cat

Picky cat? These 6 tips will help you get your cat to eat. Discover why your cat isn’t finishing its plate.

Buying a litter box: how to decide?

The litter box is very important to your cat; after all, this is where it goes to the bathroom. About to buy a litter box? Here’s what to keep in mind!

Vital nutrients for cats

Animal-based proteins are vital nutrients for cats. What else does your cat need? You’ll read all about it below.

What can a kitten eat and drink?

Good food is important for a kitten's growth. But what can kittens eat and drink? And how much should you feed your kitten? Find out what your kitten needs!

How much does a kitten cost? Costs of purchasing and raising a kitten

There are costs associated with purchasing, raising and maintaining a kitten or cat. We explain what to expect.

Checklist for purchasing a kitten

Purchasing a kitten. when meeting your kitten for the first time, it is important to pay attention to a number of things. This checklist will help you set your priorities.

Where to buy a cat?

Will you go for a kitten that you will be raising from scratch, or will you provide a cat from a shelter with a new home?

What type of cat is best for me?

There is a huge number of cats to choose from. We will lend a helping hand by discussing a number of features that characterise various breeds. Discover what type of cat is best for you.

Buying a kitten: what to look for?

Buying a kitten: yes or no? Making a list of what you do and don't want beforehand, makes the decision a bit easier and prevents disappointment.

To measure is to know

For agriculture and livestock farming businesses to claim organic certification, they must meet therequirements. An analysis of different aspects is done.

Kibble with a crunch

Yarrah started producing dry food in 1992 and faced the choice between pressed or crunchy kibble. Yarrah opted for extrusion.

How much water does your cat need a day?

How much water should a cat drink in 24 hours? Cats drink relatively little water. But what if they drink too much or too little? Read our tips.

Animal-friendly testing

All Yarrah packs state that the product hasn’t been tested on animals. Nevertheless, there comes a time when new products do have to be offered to a testing panel of cats and dogs.

Organic farming – a better life for all animals

We also require that the animals that end up in the food have had a better life. What exactly does ‘a better life’ mean when it comes to an organic animal?

Quality control organic products

When a product’s packaging states that the product is organic, it means that the product meets stringent organic regulations.

Cats and carbs

A cat is a carnivore. Its physique is made to catch, tear up and digest its prey. Wild cats are fine living off their prey alone.

Quality checks at an organic turkey and chicken farm

Quality Manager Arthur visited a German turkey and chicken farm, as well as a processing plant for organic turkeys, in early September 2017.

Yarrah carries out quality checks in Uruguay

Purpose of the call is to inspect the entire production chain and to personally make sure the animals are treated well and are eventually killed in a humane manner.

Cereals or no cereals – about cereal-free food

Cereal-free food is the trend at present, but are cereals in dry food really so harmful to cats and dogs?

Babies grow up. When is the right time to switch to adult food?

The life of a dog or a cat can (broadly speaking) be divided up into three phases. They start as a puppy or a kitten, mature and end up in old age.

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). What is it and what can you do about it?

The two most common forms of FLUTD involve calcium oxolate and struvite bladder stones.

Kittens – kitten food step by step

They’re unbelievably cute… kittens. They’re born after around 63 days and are completely helpless. What to feed them and when?

Want organic for yourself? Then surely your pet does too!

What’s less logical is that many of these critical consumers still buy dog or cat food without knowing exactly what’s in it.

Where does Yarrah’s beef come from?

Some of our cat and dog food contains organic beef from Uruguay. It seems strange but we can justify doing so.

Where does Yarrah’s chicken come from?

We often get asked why cat and dog food containing organic chicken is so much more expensive than ‘normal’ food.

Yarrah uses ‘happy hens’

How can you be properly sure that the animals in your feed have actually had a better life?

What should my cat not eat? Foods poisonous to cats

Which foods are better to avoid to give your cat or might even be poisonous?

All you need to known about gluten allergies

Gluten is the name for a group of proteins found in cereals, particularly in wheat. We tell you more about gluten allergies in cats.

All you need to know about food allergies and food intolerance in cats

Is your cat scratching, particularly the head or neck? If so, then there’s a significant chance that your cat has a food allergy.

Quality visit to the organic seaweed farm

We buy all our organic raw materials ourselves. In order to be sure that the raw materials are genuinely organic, our quality manager Arthur Hartman visits the suppliers at least once a year.

How do I get my cat to drink enough? Tips and tricks

Drinking properly can prevent a whole host of problems – consider in this regard feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) or kidney problems, for instance.

Quality visit to the organic chicken farmer

Even though organic hens have a far better life than broilers, free-range hens or battery hens, it is nevertheless the case that they end up being slaughtered. Animal welfare is something that we consider to be extremely important.

What exactly are meat and animal byproducts?

We are often asked what exactly is meant by ‘meat and animal byproducts’. Let us explain.

How do I look after my cat? Tips for new cat-owners

Looking after a kitten/cat is a big responsibility that shouldn’t be underestimated. Taking care of an animal doesn’t just mean feeding it and giving it a place to sleep.

How much food do I need to give my cat and how often?

A newborn kitten enjoys milk from its mother. It won’t need anything else. After four weeks, a kitten can try a small quantity of wet food.