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White boxer make-over

My mother has a white boxer – Ivanka. Ivanka has allergies, had problems with her stomach, and her tear stains have been very dark, smelly and slim. She also has had problems with her paws and ears. It was a coincidence that I read about vega food for dogs with the same problems, and how Yarrah helped others. We just had to try it!
After we have used Yarrah Vega for some months now, there is a clear difference. Ivanka is more skin-colored instead of red on her stomach and around her mouth, among other things. She is more white and her fur has become thicker. Her paws are great and she does not bite them anymore – because they don’t itch anymore, and you can touch her ear without her “crying” right away – they don’t hurt at all!
We are just really grateful. Changing Ivanka’s food into Yarrah Vega has been the best decision ever.
It’s not just that she looks better – but when having a dog in imbalance who does not feel comfortable or who is suffering, you’re huting too. Ivanka is more happy, more calm more joyful – a lifelong puppy as a boxer should be.
We tell others about our good experiences with Yarrah. Because, if our experiences can help another dog that suffers, it’s worth it all. We want to scream to the whole world how amazing this is.
Thank you Yarrah – for good food, good service and for making a true and real difference for our dog.
Love and paws

– Irena, Sylwia and Ivanka

Raven is super happy with Yarrah’s Grain Free Dog food!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted a Dalmatian, it is a dream dog for me. A few weeks ago, my partner surprised me for my birthday with Raven, the cutest, cuddliest, most adorable dog in the world!
The family who sold Raven to us had been feeding him a “well known” brand Dalmatian specific food. He was OK with it, ate it when he was hungry, so I continued and bought a bag as well. One bored evening, I started reading the ingredients on the back and was a bit frustrated. I spent a lot of money on food that is mostly rice, egg, wheat, corn and some kind of cryptic “plant protein isolate”, I still have no idea what this is! One small issue that Raven had was passing a lot of gas, it could be the egg in kibble. I called a friend who has had a dog for many years to ask what they fed him, and it was Yarrah, and then the Grain Free version. I had never heard of Yarrah, so I went online and started to read about it. I was so happy that not only does their ingredients start with chicken followed by a small number of ingredients I understand, but it is also organic! I ordered a small bag to see if Raven likes Yarrah, and am happy to report that he LOVES it! Yarrah is not just his dinner now, but the kibbles have also become his favorite treats during the day. Oh, and without these eggs, he no longer has a “gas” problem. Yeah Yarrah!
– Andrea

Misty, now a happy healthy dog again

My 8 year old dog Misty was diagnosed with an anal gland tumour. It was too advanced for surgical treatment so I researched as many other options as I could find. Everything I read on canine cancer suggested choosing a diet made with high quality ingredients and without chemicals and toxins. It was only when I started researching dog food that I became aware of the very low quality of many big brand foods. Then I found Long story short, I changed her diet to Yarrah wet food and croquettes and also a chew every morning. She hasn’t looked back and today (Sept 2016) she is alive and well and is a happy, healthy, energetic dog.

A big “thank you” to all of you at Yarrah.
– Misty & John

New Customers

These are my “kids” and your future customers…;-) The brown one is Gastone ( losing weight) and Margot (the obese). I hope with your products to solve their issues. They are my life, my “family” and I want the best for them. It’s a pleasure to deal with such a professional company so oriented on customer satisfaction.
– Maura Car

Allergic to animal protein

Our German Pinscher is allergic to animal protein and eats vegetarian for almost two years; this is going very well. Recently, we have discovered Yarrah Vegetarian Dry Food. Our dog loves it; it’s vegetarian and it is also organic.
– Ronald

Siep Super Active

Siep, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, is a very active dog with lots of energy. He can be very active without having to eat excessive amounts of kibble; thanks to Yarrah Dry Food.
– Rieky Komrij

Lily, now a healthy corgi

“My Pembroke Corgi, Lily, is two years old. She has suffered, since a puppy from bouts of diareah and vomiting. Poor Lily has had so many trips to the vet. Then I discovered Yarrah dog food. Not only does she love eating it, but no diareah, no more vomiting and LOADS of energy. She is keeping me on my toes now.
I am so delighted by the dramatic improvement in her health and well being that I just wanted to share it.”
– Gillian Chapman


Shiny coat and stable weight

My 3 Maine Coons Ivy, Floki and Cherri are crazy about Yarrah. 5-year old Ivy is doing great on Yarrah food and grows according to schedule. 1-year old cat Floki has a beautiful fur and a stable weight. Cherri, 11 months old, has a perfectly dense fur and is very energetic. Since they all switched to Yarrah they look better, have a healthy weight, and do not smell as much as they did before.
– Sensy

Cat prefers Yarrah over mouse

Cat ‘Sjakie’ really loves Yarrah! Not even a shrewmouse will distract him from his organic paté with MSC Salmon.
– Sjakie

Cat benefits from Yarrah

Thank you so much for the trial package of Yarrah dry food with Beef. My cat loves it and his stomach complaints are as good as gone. From now on I will give him Yarrah and recommend it to my friends.
– Marie-Anne van Lemmen

Purring with joy

Byron (The cream) and Estella (The blue) have been on Yarrah since a year old and love it!!!
– Byron & Estelle

Banyo, from greasy to soft

We would like to let you know that we are very pleased with the cat food of Yarrah. We do not know if it is the food, but since we transferred to your brand three months ago, the furs of both our cats are softer than ever. Especially one cat, Banyo has changed from a small greasy shelter cat into a beautiful soft cat which would do well in a commercial for fabric softener.
– Ayla

Very soft fur now

We got a kitten who is now 4 months. I switched to Yarrah and we noticed immediately a change in the smell when he went to the toilet and his fur became very soft.
– Kjersti Hald

Cat likes Yarrah

You do spoil my cats! We have had a package of Yarrah pet food delivered this morning. We literally had to put it in a different room, because my three cats started to eat through the box to get to the food!
– Brigitte Goderie

Cat eats Yarrah for 20 years

Holly_Beloved was almost 17 in this photograph and lived to over 20 years healthily and happily on Yarrah.
– Holly

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