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Does Yarrah use meat intended for human consumption?

Killing animals to feed other animals is a step too far for us. And so we only use the meat left over once the good bits have been taken out. The organic chops, ribs and steaks end up on your own plate (unless you’re vegetarian, of course). The rest of the meat doesn’t get thrown away, instead being used for our dog and cat food.

What does manganese do exactly?

Manganese is a mineral. It is found in such things as cereals, rice, leafy vegetables, meat and fish. Manganese contributes to your pet’s metabolism and helps foster better absorption of other nutrients into the body. Moreover, manganese is important for bone formation.

Why should I switch my cat or dog over to organic food?

In recent years there has been an increase in the incidence of allergies in cats and dogs. It’s possible that this is being caused by the leftovers (‘residues’) of herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics and hormones in regular cat food. Furthermore, the (extensive) usage of chemical colourings, aromas and flavourings and preservatives in cat food could have something to do with it.

No chemical pesticides are used in organic farming. Consequently, organic products don’t contain any residues and no chemical colourings, aromas and other artificial additives are used. The products are pure and natural.

Moreover, organic food is better for animal welfare. The meat we use comes from animals that have had a good life. And which are just as healthy and organically fed as your own cat or dog. In other words, it’s better for your animal and better for all animals!

Why does Yarrah food contain cereals?

Dogs can’t live on meat alone. They also need plant nutrients. A dog’s digestive tract is short. This makes it difficult for them to absorb nutrients from plants. Plant matter takes a lot longer to digest than meat, you see. For that reason, the plant ingredients in our food are ‘rendered soluble’. What this means is that they are crushed and heated to make the nutrients more readily available. We use cereals as a source of plant nutrients in our food. Cereals are an important source of carbohydrates and crude fibre. Thus ensuring energy and optimum digestion for your four-legged friend.

Is it sensible to add meat to my pet’s meal?

Calcium and phosphorus are two related nutrients. These two nutrients need to be in the food in the right ratio. This is extremely important for your pet to develop and maintain bones. An excess of one of these two minerals could lead to bone problems.

The composition of Yarrah’s food is such that it contains the correct ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Meat contains far more phosphorus than calcium. If you add meat to your dog or cat’s food, then this will disrupt the ratio of calcium to phosphorus. If you’re still keen to add some meat to the dry food, then use Yarrah wet food out of a tin or alu dish. This already contains the right ratio of calcium to phosphorus, you see.

How much meat do Yarrah’s products contain?

Yarrah’s dry food contains an average of 25% meat product. The proportion of meat in our tinned food is higher, being around 45%. Our alu dishes contain around 40% meat. The alu salmon is an exception here, containing 78% meat and 4% salmon.

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