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Organic cat litter

Organic cat litter


Cat litter made from 100% organic and super-absorbent clay.

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Organic, practical and loved by your cat.

The clay bonds with the waste to form easy-to-scoop lumps. As well as being handy, you also don't need to change the litter as often, so it's more economical. The added organic oils also ensure that odours are kept to a minimum.

Pure ingredients that make a difference.

• Clay, oil, fats and minerals obtained from monitored organic sources

• Free of chemicals, cleaning agents and perfumes

• No added filler, unlike every other brand of cat litter

• Fine and extremely absorbent grains

• Dust-free

• Odourless

• Eco-friendly

More than cat litter alone.

Time to change the litter tray? If so, you can use the litter as compost! 1kg of Yarrah organic cat litter is equivalent to 2kg of regular cat litter. Available in 7kg bags.

To make a change for the better.

Yarrah has been producing organic dog and cat food since 1992. Not just for the sake of it, but as a deliberate and conscious attempt to lead the way towards positive change. Farms are personally checked to maintain a close relationship and to continuously improve the quality of the organic products. No hidden ingredients, no chemical additives, just pure organic food for dogs and cats since 1992.


Nutritional advice

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8 kg

Organic cat litter
Yarrah's advice
140 grams per day


100% organic clay

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Nutritional values

Loved by pet owners

This is what other pet owners think of Organic cat litter.

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  • Diana Boyd

    A finely ground clay which is easy on my cat Apolo as it doesn’t stick to his fur.
    A little too powdery perhaps but it’s compact and there’s no smell.
    It does a great job.

    May 26, 2020
  • Peter BONNOR

    We’ve been giving yarrah to our two Russian blues for several months. Sure, it’s healthy, the cats love it, but… THE thing that we want to point out with big, fat, underlined capital letters is that it completely changes – or rather, almost removes – any smell, but really! Because we are nerdy cat people, we have read that 2 cats mean 2+1 toilets, so we basically have cat poop all over the place, and no-one can tell, it’s amazing.

    Ever looked into a cat litter blog? You’ll find 1000 pieces of advice against smell, and just as many desperate cat owners who say that nothing really works. I don’t want to imagine what the other brands put in the food, jadrk.

    So thanks, and bravo!

    November 3, 2020
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