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Try our healthy organic pet food with a trial bag

Discover your pet’s new favorite food. Go for organic, healthy and sustainable dog and cat food. Better for your animal and the planet. And.. also very tasty. What else do you want?

Wide choice of dog and cat food.

2 trial bags to let your pet taste extensively.

Trial bag for your dog   Trial bag for your cat

Are you ready to discover your pet’s new favourite food?

We are sure that your dog or cat will love our food. But, we understand that you are curious about the reaction of your pet. Ultimately, these are the real experts.

You can now try different variants of our healthy and organic food with a trial bag. You choose a variant that appeals to you and then receive a trial bag of the chosen dog or cat food. This of course without obligations, you are not committed to anything. Simply, an extra service, as it should be.

A trial bag contains enough food for a delicious meal for your dog or cat. There is a choice of 9 variants of dog food or cat food that we have in our range. You can choose one flavour per order. You will then receive two trial bags of this delivered to your home.

Trial bags for cats

Choose a variant below that your cat wants to try. We will send you and your cat 2 trial bags of this flavour. You will receive 75 grams per trial bag, so 150 grams of food in total. This way you have enough food to let your cat taste extensively. We only ask for a small fee of € 0.99. In this way we separate the interested from the people who are only looking for free products.