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How often should I feed my dog?

How often you should feed your dog is something that will depend on his age and size as well as the amount of food he is capable of eating each time. Puppies need to be fed three to four times a day, particularly up to the age of six months. Young puppies should preferably be fed four times a day and older puppies three times a day. Ensure that at each meal you give your puppy enough food that he is full, even if this means that you have to give him more food that is indicated in the feeding table. Do be careful not to let your puppy get too fat though! After around six months you will be able to reduce the number of meals to two to three a day. Does your dog have difficulty finishing an entire meal in one go? Then divide the food into several meals a day. Adult dogs should preferably be given at least two meals a day. In this respect, at least one meal, though preferably both, should consist of dry food. We would recommend giving him one third of his daily requirements in the morning and the rest in the evening. If you feed him Yarrah, then in principle extra food will not be necessary. A tinned meal from time to time is a great treat! For such occasions, you should preferably use Yarrah tinned food. These are made of the same raw materials as Yarrah’s dry food, thereby reducing the chances of problems arising.