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Why should I switch my cat or dog over to organic food?

In recent years there has been an increase in the incidence of allergies in cats and dogs. It’s possible that this is being caused by the leftovers (‘residues’) of herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics and hormones in regular cat food. Furthermore, the (extensive) usage of chemical colourings, aromas and flavourings and preservatives in cat food could have something to do with it. No chemical pesticides are used in organic farming. Consequently, organic products don’t contain any residues and no chemical colourings, aromas and other artificial additives are used. The products are pure and natural. Moreover, organic food is better for animal welfare. The meat we use comes from animals that have had a good life. And which are just as healthy and organically fed as your own cat or dog. In other words, it’s better for your animal and better for all animals!