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How much meat do Yarrah’s products contain?

Yarrah’s dry food contains an average of 25% meat product. The proportion of meat in our tinned food is higher, being around 45%. Our alu dishes contain around 40% meat.

The meat content in our dry food is indicated on our packaging as a percentage of dried chicken or chicken without moisture. To convert the percentage of dried chicken back to fresh chicken, this percentage is multiplied by about 5. For example, a 2kg bag of Small Breed contains 19% dried chicken, or 380g, which equals 1900g of fresh chicken. The percentage of fresh chicken in Yarrah Small Breed's total content is therefore 95%. We could add even more meat, but it is not necessary, because dogs and cats can get more than enough energy from the three sources offered in the food: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In view of the general debate on excessive meat consumption and its negative impact on the climate, adding more meat than necessary is also not justified.