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Green is the new black

This year, we are going GREEN on Black Friday. That means that on Friday 26 November we will not be offering any discounts and we will plant trees together with Trees for All 🌳 This whole week, meaning from Friday to Friday, Yarrah will donate 10% of all webshop purchases to Trees for All!

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From black to green

It’s that time of the year again, we’re gearing up for Christmas with overcrowded shopping streets and web shops full of crazy promotions. Black Friday is the day that we massively spend money on the best possible deals. Impulse driven and buying to buy. Black Friday is the perfect example of an initiative that pushes mass consumption. Of course very valuable for a lot of businesses, but from an environmental perspective it’s a nightmare. It has a huge impact on our earth which leaves the darkest shade of black on this particular Friday. Triggering our natural resources, creating oceans full of plastic and lets not talk about the carbon footprint. It’s time to turn the tides and focus on going green.

Yarrah does it differently

On the 26th of November we’re turning Black Friday into Green Friday. At Yarrah we will not be offering any promotions or participating to any initiatives to stimulate more online conversion. Instead of this, from the 19th to the 26st of November we will donate 10% of all web shop purchases to Trees for All!

This way we want to raise awareness about the damage Black Friday and the subsequent hyper-consumerist holiday season bring to the environment. While it can be difficult to resist those big promotions, we challenge you to join us on buying nothing. If you must shop, please support your local shops.

Over 150 brands and companies are already participating in Green Friday. The goal? To plant 50.000 trees together.

Are you also going Green with us?

Check out www.greenfriday.nl for more information on the Green Friday initiative.

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