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Our partners

Making a change for the better is not something we do all on our own. Read all about our partners and collaborations below.

Dierenbescherming [Dutch Animal Protection]

Dierenbescherming is an organisation in the Netherlands that protects animals by providing emergency aid, enforcing wellbeing and influencing society. The organisation’s purpose is to ensure that our society protects the wellbeing, health and integrity of each animal in a sustainable way. Together with Dierenbescherming, Yarrah is working on improving animal wellbeing. Not just by supporting the animals through the Dierenbescherming organisation, but also by qualifying Yarrah’s products for the Better Life quality label with 3 full stars.

Stichting DierenLot

Stichting DierenLot is extremely committed to the wellbeing of animals and wants to help them, especially animals that are suffering and have a low quality of life. They support small and mid-size organisations, primarily at the local and regional level in the Netherlands. This includes shelters, specific rescue facilities and animal emergency service organisations. Yarrah products that aren’t suitable for sale but do offer the right quality, are donated to Stichting Dierenlot. This allows them to continue supporting various organisations.


The NGO GAIA (Global Action in the Interest of Animals) is an influential and well-known animal rights organisation in Belgium. They believe that animals must be treated respectfully and have a right to a dignified existence. Yarrah values the fact that the rights and wellbeing of animals are being tended to in Belgium, which is why we support GAIA.

Cat cafes

In recent years, cat cafes have conquered the world. Guests of these cafes get to spend time with cats. Perfect for cat lovers who don’t own one or just cannot get enough of cats. Yarrah supports various cat cafes by donating food. Below, a list of cat cafes Yarrah is currently collaborating with: