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Treats for Dogs, Organic and Long-Lasting

You can use treats for dogs as rewards for good behaviour or while teaching your four-legged friend new tricks. Of course you would only want to use natural dog treats that are good for your dog and for the rest of the world. Here you can read all about Yarrah's organic, sustainable, and healthy dog treats.

Healthy dog treats

If you are looking for healthy dog treats, you naturally want them to contain only the purest ingredients. Our organic chicken necks for dogs consist of 100% chicken necks and the organic mini snacks for dogs contain 97% meat. Organic and natural dog treats are not only much healthier for your dog, but also for our planet!.

Additional features of our treats for dogs

You can use Yarrah's treats for dogs to pamper your dog while also boosting their health. For example, the chicken necks have an abrasive effect on your dog’s teeth which removes plaque. So you will be killing two birds with one stone with these natural treats for dogs. The chicken necks are suitable for dogs of all ages, from puppies to senior dogs.

Vegetarian treats for dogs

Yarrah's vegetarian dog biscuits are available in two different sizes, those for large dogs and the ones for smaller dogs. Getting the right size will ensure that your dog gets healthy dog treats that are both easy to chew and contain the correct amount of nutrients.

Furthermore, these treats for dogs are also completely vegetarian, making them suitable for dogs that have difficulty in digesting animal protein. These natural dog treats will also fit in well if you follow a lifestyle in which you eat little or no meat.

Like all Yarrah pet foods, these healthy dog treats with organic spinach, seaweed and spirulina are completely free from artificial fragrances, colours, flavours, pesticides and GMO.