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The right food can have a significant effect on your dog’s health. When a dog is fed the right nutrients they will have more energy and be happier as a result. It is important for you to know what healthy dog food is, but also what food might be unhealthy for your dog. Even the most healthy dog food might not be suitable if your dog suffers from hypersensitivity to grains or animal proteins. Here you can read everything you need to know about Yarrah's organic dog food.

What's in Yarrah's organic food for dogs?

At Yarrah, the emphasis is not so much on what is in the healthy dog food, but rather on what is not in it. All our organic pet food is free from artificial fragrances, colours and flavours, pesticides and GMO. Really healthy food for your dog!

The product page for each different type of food for dogs lists the ingredients it contains and whether it is certified organic dog food. Here you will also find the nutritional values of the food including an analysis of the components and nutritional additives.

What different types of Yarrah dog food are available?

At Yarrah we cater for every dog. For example, you can find organic food for dogs with a sensitive stomach, and also gluten and grain free dog food. Are you a vegetarian and prefer not to feed your dog meat or fish either? No problem, we even have vegetarian wet and dry dog food!!

Not sure how much you should feed your dog per day? We offer an easy solution by providing nutritional advice on the product page of the dog food you have chosen. All you have to do is select your dog’s weight and how active your dog is, then you will get feedback right away indicating how many grams of our healthy dog food you should feed your dog daily.