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Vegetarian Dog Food, Organic and Long-Lasting

You are committed to eating less meat or none at all, and you are looking to also feed your pet vegetarian dog food. At Yarrah you can find meat free dog food in the form of wet food, kibble and treats. Here you can read all about our organic vegetarian dog food which, in addition, is produced according to planet-friendly practices.

Meat-free dog food isn't just for vegetarians

In 1995 the founder of Yarrah discovered that there were a number of dogs that still had health problems even after switching to organic dog food. For example, the dogs were listless, itching or had a dull coat. It was soon discovered that these dogs did not respond well to certain animal proteins and after they switched to vegetarian dog food, the complaints disappeared.

Can dogs eat vegetarian dog food?

Many people still believe that dogs are true carnivores, but this is not entirely true. A dog's gastrointestinal tract can digest both meat and plant-based foods. Most adult dogs can transition to a diet of meat free dog food without any problems. Puppies, however, need the additional protein and calories to sustain their rapid growth.

Keep in mind, however, that not all adult dogs adapt well to vegetarian dog food. If you have switched to vegetarian dry dog food and notice that your dog is less active and not looking well, the meat free dog food is probably not providing them with all the nutrients they need.

What's in Yarrah's meat free dog food?

You are obviously curious about what is in Yarrah’s vegetarian dry dog food and wet dog food. The vegetarian chunks contain soybeans, certified organic peas, carrots and rose hips. The vegetarian dry dog food is made with organic soybeans, coconut fat, white lupine and baobab.

If you're looking for vegetarian dog treats, Yarrah has dog biscuits in three different flavours that are enriched with organic spinach, seaweed and spirulina.

All Yarrah dog food is organic and free from artificial fragrances, colours and flavours, pesticides and GMO. With our meat free dog food your pet not only gets all the necessary nutrients, but you are also contributing to a better world.