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Higher prices, and why that is a good thing!

You might have noticed that the prices of our products have increased. No one really wants to pay a higher price for the products they buy. We get that. But what if we tell you that there is also a positive side to it?

A little bit of background

In the last 12 months a lot of raw material costs have increased, from meat to cereal to steel, fuel and shipping. All showed a significant increase. There are various reasons for the strong cost increase, such as the recovery of the market after COVID causing demand to exceed supply. But also the continuing growth of China, supply chain challenges, and speculations on what is going to happen in the market that added to price volatility.

Opting for an honest price

A cost increase in raw materials also means an increase in the price of our end products. So what is the positive side to all this? We have tried to ease the pain as much as possible, for example by buying raw materials ahead to protect against price volatility, and working with suppliers to keep the costs low.

Yet we believe it is important to keep fair prices in the market. Everyone is affected by the higher costs and it can’t be completely avoided. We therefore aimed for an honest price increase. By paying our suppliers an honest price for their raw materials, they can stay in business. And because they can stay in business, we can keep our long-lasting relationships with them, and offer you as a consumer a consistent and high quality product with the best ingredients, at a good value.

Our consumer advisory prices have increased as of 1 January 2022. You will find the new prices in our webshop and other online and physical stores where Yarrah is sold.

Human, animal and nature

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Great news! Lower prices.

In September, Yarrah will be reducing the price of several of its products.

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