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Animal-friendly testing

All Yarrah packs state that the product hasn’t been tested on animals. We don’t have any kennels full of cats and dogs eating our food with all sorts of nasty tests being carried out on them. Nevertheless, there comes a time when new products do have to be offered to a testing panel of cats and dogs. Otherwise how would we know whether cats and dogs think the food is tasty or prefer an improved recipe over the old one? Testing? So we do actually engage in some testing, but in an exceptionally animal-friendly way.

Yarrah fans do the testing

Yarrah keeps interested parties informed of things such as diet, exercise or care through a variety of social media channels. These channels are also extremely useful when it comes to testing. Whenever Yarrah is launching a new product, 100 fans are invited to take part in a testing panel. A tester pack containing the new product is sent out to their home address. Once their cat or dog has eaten the product, the owner fills out a questionnaire. If over 80% are satisfied, then the product will be properly launched. If not, then other avenues will be explored.

Various new products have been tested like this in the past, such as grain-free cat food with MSC fish, yeast-based cat sweets and Vega Dry Food for dogs. The most successful proved to be the grain-free cat kibbles and the Vega Dog, whereas the cat sweets failed to make the grade.

Feline cafés

Another method of trialling new products is through the feline cafés that Yarrah collaborates with. These are cafés for cats which deliberately feed their cats Yarrah kibbles and are 100% behind our objectives. For example, we were keen to look into whether the Mini Bites dog sweets would appeal to cats as well. The composition is suitable for both dogs and cats. The test is still under way, but initial results are positive.


New (and existing) products are handed out to visitors during trade shows or other events. Once their cat or dog has tested the product, the owner fills out a feedback form online. This method has been used to test such products as the organic dog sausage with chicken and has enabled cat owners to get to know Yarrah’s organic kibbles.

Use of product panel

Besides using Yarrah fans and their pets, Yarrah regularly enlists the help of a professional company. Such companies will have a database of dog-owning and cat-owning families to whom the food will be sent. The testing period often lasts several days and there’s a comprehensive array of questions on the food. For example, the quantity of the food eaten has to be measured precisely, and details about speed of eating and stools are required.


All Yarrah products are made of pure ingredients and no additives that could be harmful to dogs or cats are used. Such is the level of trust in Yarrah’s products that our own staff are willing to have their cats and dogs take part in trialling new or improved products.

If you’re keen to take part in a trial, keep an eye on Yarrah’s Facebook page.

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Organic dog food pâté in 3 tastes

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