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Cruelty-free and sustainable pet food

Animal testing isn’t limited to makeup, medication or bath foam. Some pet foods are also tested on lab animals, which can be avoided. We will tell you all about sustainable and cruelty-free pet food.

What is animal testing?

Animal testing refers to experiments with animals. Certain products like medication and vaccines, as well as foods and some household goods are tested on animals to see whether they are safe enough for human consumption. Most of these animals (over 90%) are kept in a laboratory, often under horrendous circumstances. The vast majority of lab animals are rats, mice and rabbits. But chickens, horses, dogs and cats as well as many other animals suffer the same fate. Animals testing is a sensitive subject, and specific regulations are in place to protect the wellbeing of lab animals.

Cruelty-free pet food

Some pet foods are tested on lab animals before being sold for consumption. Yarrah is different. Yarrah wants what is best for all animals, not just the one that happens to be your pet. This is one reason why Yarrah is very selective when it comes to meat in its pet food products. The Better Life quality label with a maximum rating of three stars carried by Yarrah’s products, indicates that animal wellbeing is strictly monitored. Plus, all products are organic. Check out the quality labels on the product packaging of Yarrah pet food. You will find the cruelty-free pet food logo there as well.

How does Yarrah test its food?

First and foremost, the ingredients and composition of Yarrah’s food are meticulously studied and analysed to make sure it is good enough. But taste is important too! When it comes to taste testing, Yarrah works with a German institute, among others. Around a thousand participating households feed their pets portions of the food, at routine times, in normal quantities and in their trusted environment. This type of testing leads to the most reliable results. The subjects are all privately owned pets. No breeders, farms or shelters are involved. The company sends a specialised professional to visit these families on a regular basis in order to record the results. This allows for optimal product development and scientific testing without involving animals that are kept in crowded kennels or small pens where they are forced to eat the food.

Sustainable pet food

Yarrah is committed to sustainability, which is one reason why we are always looking for ways to contribute to a better world when developing our products. As a pet owner, you can do the same! Read all about it in our article ‘How sustainable is my pet and how can I contribute?’.

Human, animal and nature

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Great news! Lower prices.

In September, Yarrah will be reducing the price of several of its products.

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