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How do I get my cat to drink enough? Tips and tricks

Cats need to drink water. It’s for a good reason that cat food packaging always states that you should “ensure your cat has sufficient fresh drinking water”. Drinking properly can prevent a whole host of problems – consider in this regard feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) or kidney problems, for instance.

Difference between wet and dry food

Wet food contains around 80% moisture on average, whereas the moisture content of dry food is just 9%. Only giving your cat dry food is possible, but then it is imperative that you keep a close eye on how much he’s drinking. Unsurprisingly, then, our advice is to feed him a combination of the two: 50% wet food with 50% dry food. Cats are naturally poor drinkers. The following advice will encourage drinking (source: Feline Welfare Foundation):

Tips & tricks

  • Nobody likes eating right next to their toilet, and cats are no exception. For that reason, don’t put their food bowl next to the cat litter tray.
  • Cats naturally don’t drink near the place where they eat. If you place their water bowl at least half a metre away from their food bowl, then they will drink 50% more;
  • Place a water bowl on their walking route;
  • The use of a water fountain will encourage cats to drink more;
  • Place several water bowls around the house;
  • Add some beef stock to the water.

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