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Is my cat pregnant?

If your cat normally has a slim profile but has gained a lot of weight recently, she may be pregnant. Before you go to the vet, it is a good idea to take a look at the signs associated with a cat's pregnancy. In this blog, we highlight some of these characteristics and answer the question: how long is a cat pregnant?

Changes to the body

You know your cat inside out, of course, so you will notice even the smallest changes to its body. With a pregnant cat, after about 2.5 weeks, you will notice that the nipples become pinker. In some cases, there is even a milky substance that comes out of the nipples.

With long-haired cats, be sure to move the hair aside carefully to see the nipples. This is because the area around the nipples is very sensitive, and it is uncomfortable for your cat if you touch it. The longer your cat is pregnant, the more sensitive her body becomes. So always be careful when petting. Even gentle cats can react fiercely to this.

Distinguishing between a fat and a pregnant cat

With heavier cats, it is often difficult to tell if you are dealing with a pregnant cat. This is because you cannot tell until quite late how far along a cat is pregnant. On average, a cat gains between 1 to 2 kilograms during pregnancy. The fatter the cat gets, the longer the cat has been pregnant.

Note that a pregnant cat will gain weight mainly around the belly. If you look at your cat from above, you will see that from the neck to the tail, she has something of a pear shape. A fat cat is a little bulkier everywhere, including in the neck and around the legs.

Increased appetite

A pregnant cat eats for two, so you will notice that your cat is eating more than usual. As soon as you notice that your Yarrah cat food needs replenishing faster than usual, this could be a sign that your cat is pregnant. The appetite mainly increases at the end of a cat's gestation period. At the beginning, the cat may actually eat less.

Note that an increased appetite can also be a sign of certain conditions, such as worms or diabetes. So if your cat is just eating more, it may be wise to visit the vet.

Changes in behaviour

As soon as you notice that your outdoor cat is suddenly very much and also eager to be indoors, this could be a sign of pregnancy. In fact, pregnant cats seek warmth and safety. This can also cause your cat to sleep more and also ask for more attention.

At the end of your cat's gestation period, you will find her in sheltered places a lot, as she will be looking for a suitable place to give birth. So don't be alarmed if you lose your cat for a few hours, chances are she is hiding somewhere.


Pregnant cats, like pregnant women, may experience nausea in the morning, resulting in vomiting. It is quite normal for a pregnant cat to vomit a little more often than usual. In most cases, vomiting is only a symptom that occurs at the beginning of a cat's gestation period. It goes away on its own after a week.

Keep an eye on how often your cat vomits, as frequent vomiting can lead to nutrient deficiencies or dehydration. Make sure your cat always has access to plenty of drinking water. It may also help to give your cat organic wet food from Yarrah a little more often, as this will also provide your cat with extra fluids.

Taking your cat to the vet

If your cat shows several of these signs, chances are she is pregnant. It is best to have this checked by your vet. It takes an average of 20 days before he or she can confirm a cat's gestation period by feeling the abdomen, taking X-rays or performing an ultrasound.

The further along your cat is in its pregnancy, the more accurately the vet can determine how many kittens she is carrying. This is useful information for delivery and if you want to look for feline adoption centres. On average, a pregnant cat giving birth to kittens for the first time will have between 4 and 6 kittens, but for pure breeds like Siamese and Burmese, this number can be as high as 12.

How long is a cat pregnant?

There are different answers to the question: how long is a cat pregnant? Most sources indicate that a cat's gestation period is between 61 and 72 days. A visit to the vet can give you more information about how advanced your cat's pregnancy is.

The vet will also give you information on how to care for your pregnant cat. Keep in mind that a pregnant cat requires up to 25% more nutrition. So there's certainly no harm in stocking up on some extra Yarrah organic cat food.

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