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Safe living environment for your cat

A cat makes for a social housemate. It gets even better if you live together in a relaxed and safe way. Hence a blog post about how to create a safe living environment for your cat. No doubt, your cat will be grateful!

Safe living environment with hiding spots

Cats value their privacy; this is why they will often get into a cardboard box or bag without delay. These hiding spots give the cat a sense of safety and security which definitely should be a part of a safe living environment for your cat. A basket with a raised edge will be greatly appreciated. This is their spot. Make sure there are several hiding spots or baskets, even if you only have one cat.

Safe living environment for your cat: mind your windows!

Unfortunately, it remains a regular occurrence: a cat falling out of a window or off a balcony. Pay special attention if you live in a flat or apartment. Never leave your cat out on the balcony unsupervised or make sure there is proper fencing. Cats often fall when chasing a bird or butterfly and although they tend to land on their feet, injuries do frequently occur. Pivoting windows or open windows can be dangerous as well. Cats can get trapped in a pivoting window. And open windows are like open balcony doors: a cat can fall and will not always land on its feet. Remove both risks by making sure pivoting windows are never left open in a room that the cat has access to – or secure them – and that no windows your cat can get to are left open. Attention: cats are extremely flexible and will force themselves through the tiniest of spaces. Another option is to install a robust insect screen into the window.

Elevated lounging

Cats like to oversee things. Therefore, an elevated place to sit is recommended. A shelf on the wall, a tall table, a windowsill or a closet are all good options. You can also opt for a scratching post and elevated lookout in one. The elevated position allows cats to maintain the overview so they can observe the world undisturbed. Do make sure all sitting areas are securely fixed and the cat can’t fall down. Cats enjoy an elevated lookout outdoors as well. The roof of a garden house should do just fine.

Take the proper precautions to offer your cat a safe living environment

Prior to purchasing a cat, it is very important that you take the proper precautions. This includes a litter box and a basket, but toys are important as well.

Houseplants and a kitten

Houseplants can be beautiful, but some of them are poisonous to cats. Especially when young and at home by themselves, cats like to nibble on the pretty green leaves of plants. Replace these plants or put them somewhere your cat can’t reach.

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Safe garden for cats

A safe living environment for your cat also includes your garden. Of course, this doesn’t apply if your cat always stays indoors, but for an outdoor cat it is important that your garden is made cat-friendly. Avoid poisonous plants and make sure there are enough hiding and climbing spots. Some pots or bushes your cat can hide behind or a tree it can climb. Outdoor cats prefer to play and hunt at night, but you can control this by keeping your cat in at night after dinner. If you live by a busy road, it is best to keep your cat indoors from the start or secure your garden so the cat can’t get out, because the risk of getting hit in traffic is considerable.

Indoor cat versus outdoor cat

If you cat remains indoors, you’ll need to adjust your home more; stimuli and exercise are especially important. While an outdoor cat has plenty of opportunity to play and hunt, an indoor cat has to be able to release all of its energy indoors. Make sure your indoor cat has enough stimuli.

Here you’ll find more recommendations for a cat-friendly home.

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