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Vital nutrients for cats

Cats are carnivores, i.e. meat eaters. Their physique is built to catch prey, tear it up and digest it. Animal-based proteins are vital nutrients for cats. What else does your cat need? You’ll read all about it below.

Vital proteins

Because cats are true carnivores, they have a high need for proteins. The amino acids found in proteins provide your cat with energy and maintain the muscles. If a cat isn’t getting enough proteins, you’ll notice it right away: it becomes lethargic, mews a lot or produces an excess of saliva. This is because the shortage of proteins is causing the body to consume its own proteins. Kittens that are still growing, need more proteins because they consume a higher relative amount of energy.

What food contains proteins?

Proteins are found in meat and fish products. Of course, our dry food and wet food contains the right amount of proteins. Our Grain-Free kibble for cats over six weeks of age contains a high proportion of proteins to provide cats with the necessary energy. We do not believe in the killing of animals just to feed other animals. That is why we only use the left-over parts after the parts for human consumption have been removed.

Why is taurine important?

Taurine is a vital nutrient for cats. A cat cannot produce taurine on its own. A shortage of taurine can cause heart and eye problems. That is why all of our cat food contains the necessary amount of taurine.

vital nutrients for cats

Are fats vital nutrients?

Fats are also vital nutrients for cats. Fats provide cats with the energy they need to exercise, they ensure vitamins are transported throughout the body and give the animal a healthy coat and skin. Plus: fats make the cat food taste better, making sure your cat enjoys its food and finishes its plate.

What food contains fats?

All food contains fats. Dry food tends to contain a bit more fat than wet food. Sterilised or spayed cats need less fat because they consume less energy. Special kibble for sterilised cats prevents overweight. In addition, the lower proportion of fat and higher proportion of fluids in wet food can help maintain a healthy weight.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are vital nutrients for cats just like for humans. They ensure that the body functions properly and foster a healthy immune system. All our cat food contains sufficient vitamins and minerals.

Curious how much food your cat needs? Calculate it with the food calculator.

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