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Want organic for yourself? Then surely your pet does too!

We are becoming increasingly critical about what we eat. Food needs to be healthier, more natural and above all tasty. And it’s increasingly the case that we want to know where the food has come from and that there have been no genetic modifications. Did the animals whose meat we’re eating have a good life, and were any nasty pesticides used?

Consumers who want peace of mind buy organic. Which is logical. What’s less logical is that many of these critical consumers still buy dog or cat food without knowing exactly what’s in it. Buy organic food and you’ll know that you’re getting just pure food.

Organic animal food

How do you know whether or not you’re really buying organic food, though? Organic animal food can be identified by means of the European green leaf logo on the packaging. Only when a brand fulfils the regulations, it is allowed to use the term ‘organic’. There are various brands on the market claiming to be ‘just as good as organic’, but they’re not able to back up this claim. Look for the green leaf on the packaging and you can rest assured that you’re buying genuinely organic dog or cat food.

Isn’t it more expensive?

Organic animal food has a reputation for being much more expensive than normal pet food. But is that true? Yes, it’s more expensive than an average bag of dog or cat food you can find in the supermarket. However, when you consider the strong rules organic food has to follow and the quality of the meat that is processed in the food, it makes sense. Factory farmed chicken is simply a lot cheaper than organic chicken. And no, it isn’t more expensive than high-end pet food. This is the food you don’t find in the supermarket, but in pet shops or at the vet.


There are no nasties whatsoever in our food, which quite simply means it’s better for your dog or cat. Switch from your common or garden brand to Yarrah and you’ll notice the difference. Want organic for yourself? That makes sense, but then it also makes sense for you to choose organic for your pet.

Organic Puppy dry dog food

Organic cat food chunks with chicken and turkey


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