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Where to buy a dog?

You’ve decided to buy a dog. But where should you get it? Will you opt for a puppy or provide a home to a dog from the shelter? What are the pros and cons and what should you be paying attention to? Here are some tips to make your decision easier.

Where can I buy a dog?

  • Breeders

  • If you decide to get a pedigree dog, you’ll probably visit a breeder. Make sure the breeder is reliable and provides all the necessary paperwork, such as pedigree certification. Pedigrees provide more certainty about the dog’s character. This makes it easier to see what breed is best for you.

  • Online

  • Online offerings include both pups and adult dogs. There is always the danger of stumbling upon malicious dog traders or commercial breeders, who focus on profits rather than the dog’s interests. When you decide to buy a dog online, be very careful. It’s always a good idea to drop by in person to have a look. Take note of the situation: is the mother healthy? Is the environment clean? Are the pups growing up inside a home? There are several things to pay attention to.

  • Shelter

  • In addition, you can offer both pups and adult dogs a second chance by adopting one at a shelter. The dogs will be vaccinated and the shelter employees can tell you about the character of the dog. Take the dog for a walk or visit it a couple of times. This will allow you to find out whether you make a good match. Keep in mind that these dogs often carry some baggage and ask yourself if you are able to deal with it and can offer the dog the loving home it deserves.

Costs of owning a dog

The price of a dog may differ depending on where you buy it. A shelter will ask compensation for a dog; this includes vaccination and any medical costs. A pedigree pup can set you back hundreds of euros. A Labrador on offer for 100 euros should sound your alarm bells!

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