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6 tips for a picky cat

Cats are known for their knack for quality. As an owner, you value good food. But what if your cat is so picky that it won’t even touch the tastiest snacks? A couple of useful tips for a picky cat’s subordinates.

Is your cat experiencing health problems?

Before putting your best foot forward to get your cat to eat, it is important to explore whether health problems may explain your cat’s overly picky behaviour. This may involve toothaches, a cold, stomach aches, etc. You can recognise these things by excessive mewing or apathy. When in doubt, always contact a vet. Is your cat healthy as can be, but just picky by nature? Try the tips below.

1. Stick to its own food

Cats like to beg. Once you give in, it will only get worse. Your cat will prefer a treat over its own food. It won’t touch its food until you spoil it with a snack. So, stick to its own cat food.

2. Consider hygiene

Cats like cleanliness. Make sure the food is served in a clean and accessible place and in a clean bowl. Cats prefer not to eat from a bowl containing remains from days ago.

3. Provide high-quality food

As mentioned earlier, cats like quality. In fact: they smell any spoilt or low-quality ingredients immediately. Opt for healthy food! Food by Yarrah is pure and organic and contains all the nutrients cats need.

tips for picky cats

4. Switch gradually

Want to switch to a different type of food? Do it gradually. Cats are used to their food and prefer to stick to what they know every day. This means that switching from one day to the next may cause your cat to stop finishing its plate.

5. Make the food appealing

Are you feeding it dry food alone? Make it more appealing by mixing in some wet food. Most cats love wet food so this will make sure they enjoy their dry food more as well. How about mixing a couple of drops of sardine oil into the kibble? Even a very picky cat won’t be able to resist. It may help to serve the food in a different bowl every now and then; this eliminates the possibility that the bowl is the problem and it helps trigger your cat’s curiosity.

6. Be patient with a picky cat

Contrary to dogs, cats never finish their food in one go. They like to take their time and enjoy coming back for a bite every now and then. If your cat hasn’t even tasted its food after an hour: take it away and don’t replace it with anything else. This will teach your cat to make do with the food you give it.

Tip: If you have an outdoor cat, make sure it isn’t being fed by someone else or has been hunting its own meals.

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