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What type of meat is used in pet food?

Beef, chicken or turkey; your dog or cat probably loves it all. Most pet food contains meat or fish; healthy sources of important nutrients for dogs and cats. But what kind of meat is it? Where does it come from? We will tell you all about the meat in Yarrah pet food.

What meat does pet food contain?

Food for dogs and cats contains meat (with the exception of vegetarian dog food), which offers important nutrients that your pet can’t do without. Beef, chicken and turkey are the most common pet food meats and Yarrah pet food contains meat from these animals. Yarrah chooses not to use any meat that is suitable for human consumption to avoid having animals killed just to feed other animals. The meat that remains after separation is also known as meat by-product.

Why meat by-product?

Meat by-product is what remains after the ‘nice’ bits have been removed. Humans eat the pork chops, steaks and chicken fillets, but a lot is left over once those bits have been removed. This is what Yarrah uses for its dog and cat food, which helps prevent animals from being slaughtered just to feed other animals, plus the left-overs are optimally utilised. In short, Yarrah only uses sustainably sourced meat.

Is the meat found in pet food good for my pet?

Meat by-product is just as good for your pet as other pieces of meat. The quality is exactly the same. Pet food meat is subject to specific regulations to ensure its quality. On top of that, Yarrah opts for organic meat and analyses and inspects the resources itself to guarantee high-quality pet food. Yarrah wet food and kibble are both perfectly balanced and complete, offering your pet the nutrients it needs. Adding extra meat or other foods to their diet is unnecessary.

Pet food quality labels

Sustainable and cruelty-free are Yarrah’s core values. This is why all Yarrah products carry the organic quality label. We will tell you all about it in the article ‘What does organic mean and what is organic pet food?’. In addition, Yarrah opts for meat with a Better Life label and MSC-certified fish.

Want to learn more about pet food quality labels? Check out the blog post ‘Pet food quality labels’ for more information.

Good for humans and animals

With sustainability as its core value, Yarrah seeks to contribute to a better world. Organic food is good for your own pet, the world around us and other animals. In addition to the aforementioned quality labels found on Yarrah packaging, Yarrah products also carry an Animal Cruelty-free label. The food is not force-tested on lab animals that live in small and crowded kennels. Want to learn more about cruelty-free pet food? Check out the article ‘Cruelty-free pet food’.

Organic cat food pâté with chicken


Human, animal and nature

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Great news! Lower prices.

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