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Your pet while you’re on holiday: a pet sitter at home

Finally, your holiday has been booked! You can’t wait but are also concerned about your pet. What to do with your loyal companion while you are enjoying a well-deserved trip? One of the options is to get an in-house pet sitter. Your dog or cat will be able to stay in its trusted environment. What to keep in mind when getting an in-house pet sitter? Here are some tips!

In-house pet sitter

The benefit of an in-house pet sitter for your dog or cat is that your pet won’t have to get used to a new environment. Its favourite sleeping spot is right there and its food bowl is filled on time. If there is someone in your family or neighbourhood who would like to take care of your pet, great! If not, you can opt for a professional pet sitter.

Make good arrangements with the pet sitter

Whether your pet will be looked after by a relative, acquaintance or a professional pet sitter; it is important to make good arrangements in advance. Before you leave, make sure to come to clear agreements on how they can reach you and what your pet needs. Does your cat eat wet food every morning or is it used to getting that at night? Have you been cleaning the litterbox every day? Ask your pet sitter to do the same. Cats are creatures of habit and routine is important to them. Of course, dogs need to be walked regularly and on time. Tell your pet sitter how many times a day you walk your dog and how much exercise it needs. If your pet sitter prefers to take care of your pet at their home rather than yours, consider taking your pet to the pet sitter yourself. Do make sure that your pet’s temporary home is safe for the animal.

Outdoor cat?

If your cat is used to going outside, it is going to expect the same freedom while you are away. As long as your pet sitter comes to your home, this isn’t an issue. Do tell your pet sitter to check that your cat comes home every day. You could agree that if your cat stays away for more than two days in a row (if it doesn’t usually stay away that long), the pet sitter will call the missing pets’ hotline. Your cat may have been found and rescued by a shelter. They will try to find it a new home after a couple of weeks. If your holiday takes more than two weeks, your cat may have a new owner by the time you get back. Of course, you want to avoid this at all cost! Chipping is also very important. It is the only way to verify a pet’s legitimate owner.

Will your cat be staying with the pet sitter? In this case, you should tell them to keep the cat indoors since cats tend to go looking for their own home and get lost on the way.

Pet sitter compensation

A pet sitter will spend time with your pet and make sure you can enjoy a care-free holiday; it only makes sense to compensate them for their trouble. When asking a relative, neighbour or acquaintance to take care of your pet, discuss any compensation in advance. It is important that the both of you feel good about it. A professional pet sitter will tend to have an amount in mind. An in-house pet sitter will usually set you back between € 7 and € 15 a day. If they are supposed to stay at night, the price may go up to around € 30 to € 40. Rates of a host family, daycare and dog walking service will vary per service provider.

Before you leave

Before you leave, make sure your dog or cat has been vaccinated and received preventive treatment for fleas, ticks and worms. This will help avoid difficult situations during your vacation and infecting other animals such as your pet sitter’s pet. Plus, it will keep your home plague-free while you are away. Is your pet allergic to fleas? Notify your pet sitter in time.

Prefer not to get an in-house pet sitter? Consider bringing your pet with you or taking it to a pet hotel. Read all about your pet and holidays and what to keep in mind when taking your pet to a pet hotel.

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