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About Yarrah

We are Yarrah. We are committed to and passionate about making tasty pet food of the very best quality, without causing an unnecessary environmental impact. That is why we go for organic.

We are here for the conscious pet lover who wants to make the extra effort and do the right thing, just like Yarrah. Because your pet’s health is our top priority. Along with the high quality of our recipes, ingredients and sustainable products.

Yarrah is involved in the world around us. We feel responsible for the wellbeing of humans, animals and nature alike. We are transparent and sincere. We want to make the right choices without compromise, even if that is not always the easiest way.

To make a change for the better. For your pet, for you and the planet.

Read all about how Yarrah came about, our working method and the benefits of organic food by Yarrah for your dog or cat.


Healthy, organic pet food

Meat from animals that had a better life

Pure ingredients without pesticides or GMOs

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