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Wet cat food, organic and long-lasting

There should be a good balance between your cat’s wet food and dry food to maintain their health. Here we discuss the benefits of wet cat food and how much you should feed them daily.

The benefits of wet cat food

Wet cat food could be very healthy, because it consists largely of moisture. Cats tend to drink relatively little on their own. By feeding cats wet food you can prevent them from becoming dehydrated or developing a urinary tract infection. An adult cat weighing about four kilograms needs 200 milliliters of fluid per day and the average portion of wet food already contains more than three quarters of this amount.

Cats’ wet food - how much should I feed?

The amount of wet food your cat needs depends on a number of factors. For example, you should feed much less wet kitten food to a young kitten than to a one-year-old cat. Older cats also need less food than those that are in the prime of their life.

When it comes to cats’ nutritional needs their level of activity is a significant consideration. Does your cat spend a lot of time outside or move around actively indoors? Then your cat will need more wet food than one spending most of the day sleeping.

Finally, the quality of the wet cat food plays a major role in the amount you should feed your cat. High-quality wet cat food is much more nutritious, so your cat will need less to feel satisfied.

Yarrah's wet cat food and wet kitten food is highly nutritious and we suggest that you follow the feeding guidelines on our website. All you need to do is to indicate your cat’s level of activity and their body weight. For example, for a cat weighing about four kilograms with an average level of activity we recommend 206 grams of wet cat food per day. Yarrah's wet kitten food can be used as a supplementary food for kittens next to the kibbles.