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Our certificates

Pure and healthy cat and dog food is Yarrah's primary priority. We are constantly working to optimise our quality and comply with the strictest possible requirements for organic products, animal welfare and food safety. The certificates below provide the proof! Our certificates demonstrate that we meet the most stringent requirements for organic products, animal wellbeing, social and environmental performance and food safety.

Organic certificates

Yarrah pet food as the ‘organic’ quality label. Organic is a protected term; a product must meet certain conditions in order to be labelled ‘organic’. The product and the entire production process must meet strict requirements. For example, no chemical fertilizer or artificial pesticides may be involved anywhere in the production process. In addition, the product must be free of synthetic preservatives, aromas, colorants and flavours. These rules, and many others, were drafted by the European Union.

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B Corp

Yarrah, producer of organic dog and cat food, tries to work for a better world in all its activities. On 12 July 2019, the company became the first pet food producer in continental Europe to receive B Corp certification. A confirmation that Yarrah complies with the highest quality standards in terms of social work and the company's impact on the environment.

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Certificates for meat

The meat that Yarrah adds to its food has a Better Life label with three stars, the maximum number of stars. The Better Life label is the Dutch Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ quality label, aimed at improving the lives of chicken, cows and pigs. Yarrah has been committed to this quality label since 2015 which made it the first pet food brand to adopt it. In addition, all the meat Yarrah uses is manufactured organically.

Certificates for fish

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international nonprofit organization that sets standards for sustainable fishing practices. The MSC certification is awarded to wild-caught fish that meet these standards, which include maintaining healthy fish populations, minimizing the impact on the marine ecosystem, and adhering to responsible fishing methods.

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Certificates for vega(n)

Our vegan products for dogs are certified by: “The Vegetarian Society”, “The Vegan Society” and EVU (European Vegetarian Union). The products meet the requirements set by these organisations and are 100% vegetarian and vegan.

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Our recipes have also these certificates...

Not tested on animals

Our products are not tested on animals. Instead, we ask owners whether their pet can try our new product. If the dogs or cats like the product and if it adds something to our product range, we will take the product to market.

ISO 22000

Our ISO 22000 certificate proves that our food safety is up to par, our suppliers are reliable and our quality management system functions properly.

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Good Shopping Guide

Our score (100/100) in the Good Shopping Guide shows that we do not harm people, animals or the environment. View our full report on the Good Shopping Guide website.

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