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Cat treats, organic and long-lasting

Cats love cat snacks. You can use them to reward your cat for good behaviour or during training. So every great cat owner will have enough cat treats in the house. Preferably Yarrah's, of course, and we'll tell you why.

Yarrah's cat snacks are suitable for all cats

There are two types of cat treats in the Yarrah range: the organic chewing sticks for cats and the organic mini snack for cats. In your selection of treats, you don’t have to consider your cat’s breed, gender or age. Both treats for your cat are suitable for any breed of kittens, adult cats or senior cats.

There are only pure ingredients in our cat treats

Yarrah's organic mini snacks are grain-free and consist of 97% organic meat. The other 3% consists of pure ingredients without any chemical fragrances, colours and flavours, pesticides or GMO. All the treats for your cat consist of 60% raw egg white, so your cat will get enough energy.

The chews are made from beef trimmings, beef heart, pork rind and MSC dried fish. So no strange ingredients here either! These ingredients are supplemented with corn, sea buckthorn, seaweed and spirulina, all of which will be a boost for your cat's health.

The perfect treats for your cat

So you can feed your cat Yarrah cat treats with a clear conscience. You can give up to 25 cat treats a day, so you don't have to worry about giving your cat too many cat snacks. Furthermore, If you have a shy cat, treats for your cat are also a good way to get him used to the visitors. Not only fun for your cat, but also for your friends.

But beware when you buy Yarrah's cat snacks! We have read in many reviews that some cats go completely wild and immediately come running as soon as the bag appears. So make sure you're ready for so much cat love!