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Wet dog food, organic and long-lasting

Yarrah produces a large variety of organic dog foods. We have been convinced for thirty years that healthy dog ​​food is made with the purest ingredients. In recent years, more and more people have become aware that health and wellness are largely determined by diet. It's only natural you would also want to feed your dog the healthiest food. Here you can learn more about Yarrah’s organic dog food products.

Vegetarian wet food dogs

Fople, a healthy diet means eating little or or many peno meat at all and they are looking for vegetarian dog food to incorporate these principles into their dog’s diet as well.

Yarrah's vegetarian wet dog food is made from soybeans, certified peas, carrots and rose hips. The vegetable proteins selected for this organic dog food are all absorbed very well during digestion. Furthermore these wet dog foods are completely free from chemical fragrances, colours and flavours, pesticides and GMO.

If you want to feed your dog only vegetarian dog food you can also try our vegan dry dog food and dog treats.

Keep enough wet dog food in the house

Wet dog food is also an important source of moisture for dogs and so it can be annoying if you don't always have enough on hand. Some of Yarrah’s dog food products are available in discount packs of 12, so you can make sure that won’t run out.

Unsure how much wet dog food to feed your dog? Then use our handy food calculator for each product on Yarrah’s website. You only have to enter your dog’s activity level and weight for an indication of how much to feed them daily

The best wet dog food

Even if your dog is not on a special diet, you can be sure that from Yarrah you will get only the best organic dog food for your four-legged friend. The meat used in our wet dog foods has the highest possible animal welfare quality rating. By using our products you will not only be providing your dog with the best care, but also make a positive difference to the planet.