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What does organic mean and what is organic food?

Yarrah offers organic food. But in order to understand what sets it apart from other types of food, you need to know what organic means. We are happy to explain.

What does organic mean?

Product packaging tends to pack quite a bit of terminology. Organic is one of those terms. But when is a product allowed to carry that label? And what does it mean?

A product is allowed to be labelled organic when the product itself as well as the entire process leading up to the end-product meet a number of strict legal requirements. For example, the production process of organic products cannot involve any artificial manure or chemical pesticides and no synthetic preservatives, aromatics, colouring or flavouring can be added to the product. These are just a few examples of the set of requirements that these products must adhere to.

organic pet food for cats and dogs

Organic quality label

The rules were drafted by the European government and of course they are being enforced. An independent institution, such as Skal in the Netherlands, performs product inspections to make sure they meet these requirements. If so, the product receives the organic quality label which is a green logo with a leaf consisting of white stars. The German equivalent is the Bio-Siegel for organic products and in France they use the AB logo. In addition, Yarrah itself subjects its suppliers to inspections. Read more about how Yarrah’s quality manager visited an organic chicken farm here.

organic pet food with organic chickens

What is organic food?

An important feature of organic products is that the entire production process meets the organic quality standards. This means that when a product consists of multiple ingredients, each and every one of those ingredients must have been cultivated or bred organically as well. So not only the meat, but the herbs, grains, soy and all other ingredients in Yarrah’s animal food are organic too. Want to know more about the specific composition of our food? You will find clarifications for most of Yarrah’s ingredients on this page.

Why organic food?

Organic food is better for general animal wellbeing and has less of an environmental footprint. But there are also several ways in which it benefits your own animal including the absence of chemical antioxidants or artificial colouring and aromatics. Want to know more about the benefits of organic food for your pet? We are happy to explain.

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