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Cat litter - organic and sustainable

Yarrah's cat litter is made entirely of clay, which is not only organic, but also sustainable. Clay is a super absorbent and clumping litter that allows you to easily scoop the faeces out of the cat litter box. Despite no added chemicals, cleaners or perfumes, Yarrah's litter doesn't smell. Our customers award our litter five star ratings and after reading this article you will know why.

How do you use Yarrah's cat litter?

Yarrah's litter is available in 7 kg bags and it is estimated that the average cat owner uses 50- 75 kg of cat litter in a year. So you will need between 7 and 11 bags. How much you actually use will obviously depend on the size of your cat litter box, how often the box needs to be changed, and how many cats you have.

You should always fill the cat litter box with a three to five centimetres layer of litter. This will ensure that your cat will be able to bury their stool completely. Cats like a clean litter box so scoop any wet clumping litter and faeces out right away. This will prevent your cat from finding that the litter is too dirty and doing their business somewhere else in the house.

How should you dispose of cat litter?

You should dispose of your cat litter with the residual waste, regardless of what material it consists of. However, if the packaging displays the home compostable symbol you could also mix it into your garden soil. You should, however, always remove any cat faeces as it could affect the quality of your soil. Once your garden is too full, you could always empty a cat litter box filled with Yarrah’s litter into the organic waste bin.