Organic cat litter

Cat litter made from 100% organic and super-absorbent clay.


  • Great taste. Best ingredients
  • Good for animals and planet
  • Organic; pure and healthy
Product information
Cat litter made from 100% organic, super-absorbent clay. The clay binds to urine and faeces, making it easy to scoop out clumps. That means the litter isn't just convenient, it also needs to be replaced less often so it's better value for money. The added organic oils help keep odours to a minimum. Advantages of Yarrah's organic cat litter: - Clay, oils, fats and minerals from verified organic sources - No added chemicals, detergents, or perfumes - No added fillers, which many other cat litter brands do - Fine, highly absorbent pellets - Dust free - Odour free - Environmentally friendly
100% CONTROLLED ORGANIC! Yarrah BIO Clumping Cat Litter with organic odour control offers your cat a mild and natural environment your feline is looking for, without any chemicals, artificial material or perfumes. Yarrah Cat litter is a mild and hygienic pet product for your cat based on nature’s finest grade clay. super absorbent 1kg Yarrah BIO Clumping Cat Litter = 2 kg of most other conventional litter! Instructions - how to use: 1. Cut a long enough angle of the Yarrah litter bag and pour at least 10 to 15 cm in a clean litter pan, from a 30 cm distance between the bag and the clean litter pan. 2. Remove the clumps daily using an appropriate scoop. Make sure to maintain the level at 10 to 15 cm of new fresh Yarrah litter for the best result. Never mix with any other litter brand. 3. Throw away the clumps in the garbage, NEVER IN THE TOILET. Fresh Yarrah BIO Clumping Cat litter can be mixed with dirt in the garden as a natural fertilizer. 4. Store Yarrah BIO Clumping Cat Litter in a dry place.


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August 7, 2021 15:49

Zeer goed kattenzand, geen ui...

Zeer goed kattenzand, geen uitloop, klontert perfect. Doch beetje prijzig.

January 20, 2021 20:54

Wij zijn erg tevreden met dez...

Wij zijn erg tevreden met deze kattenbakvulling! De kattenbak is makkelijk te verschonen en stinkt echt nooit. Bovendien hoeven we de bak veel minder vaak volledig te verschonen. We hebben zo nu en dan wel nog last van korreltjes door het huis die aan de pootjes van onze kater blijven hangen, maar dat is waarschijnlijk nooit volledig te voorkomen en een uitloopmat lost dat probleem bijna helemaal op.