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Dry dog ​​food, organic and long-lasting

Most dog owners feed their dogs a varied diet that includes both wet and dry dog food. This is a good way to ensure that your dog is getting all the nutrients they need. Each type of food has its own benefits for both you and your dog.

Here you can read all about the benefits of feeding your dog dry kibbles.

You can store dry dog food for a long time

Because there is no moisture in dry kibbles, you can store it much longer than wet food. At Yarrah we recommend that you close the sealing strip at the top of the bag and then store the bag in a dark and dry place.

Dry kibbles are more economical

If you have a few dogs, or one very large dog, using dry food can make a big difference to what you spend on dog food. Even if your dog is on a special diet, like grain free dog food, your expenses will still be lower than if you feed only wet food.

Once you know how much dry dog food your dog needs per day, you can calculate the price per portion.

Many different types of dry dog food

No matter what type of diet your dog needs, Yarrah will have the right organic dry dog food.

Besides the fact that all Yarrah’s dry dog food is organic, we also have vegetarian and grain free dog food. All this without any artificial fragrances, colouring or flavours.

Furthermore, there is a big difference in what you should feed a puppy compared to an older dog - always make sure that your dog gets the nutrients required at their age.

How much dry food should I feed my dog?

If you have a look at the dry dog food on our website you will find a handy widget with nutritional advice at the bottom of each product page. You only have to indicate how active your dog is and their approximate weight to find the amount of kibbles you should feed.

For example, we advise you to feed a normally active dog weighing 10 Kg around 185 grams of food per day. A 2 Kg bag of dog food will last for 10 days. Yarrah dry kibbles are also available in 10 Kg bags which should last you 54 days.