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Choose the right cat food for every age group

From kitten to senior; your cat will go through different stages of life and each stage comes with its own dietary needs. This is why it is important to choose the right cat food for every age group. We will tell you how to go about it and what to keep in mind.

Different stages of a cat’s life

The average cat will reach the age of around 14 years. Over the course of its life, a cat will go through various stages, each with their own characteristics. Here are the stages of a cat’s life:

  • Kitten – A cat between the ages of 0 and approximately 6 months is called a kitten. This stage is marked by rapid growth and development.
  • Junior – Following the kitten stage and up to the age of around 2 years comes the junior phase, which is when your cat grows up to become an adult.
  • Adult – Around the age of 3 years is when a cat matures to become an adult. Adult cats remain very active.
  • Middle-age – We call a cat middle-aged between the ages of 7 and 10 years. The animal is now slowly moving towards seniority, which means the risk of age-related illnesses such as diabetes, kidney issues and high blood pressure increases.
  • Senior – A cat reaches seniority around the age of 11. Your cat may experience various age-related illnesses and you may notice reduced flexibility and activity.

Cat food for each stage of life

As you can see, there is quite a lot of difference between the stages of a cat’s life. In order to supply your cat with the right nutrients, it is important to adjust its diet based on the stage of life it is in. Yarrah offers an extensive cat food range:

  • Grain-free cat food for kittens and active adult cats
  • Grain-free cat food for neutered cats
  • Adult food – for adult (and senior) cats in two flavours: chicken and fish
  • Various types of canned food for all ages
  • Various types of alu-packs for all ages

cat food for all ages

What does a kitten eat?

For the first weeks of its life, a kitten will drink its mother’s milk. Around the age of 4 weeks, you can start adding canned food to its diet. Starting around 6 or 7 weeks, most kittens are ready to make the switch to an all-solid diet. Yarrah’s Grain-Free kibble is great for kittens and junior cats because it contains a higher protein and fat percentage, which helps them grow and maintain their health. In addition, all wet food varieties are suitable for kittens.

Read all about the right food for kittens in the article ‘What can a kitten eat and drink?

What does an adult cat eat?

When it comes to adult cats, you have several cat food options. There is kibble, canned wet food and wet food in a dish. Special kibble is available for sterilised cats. Spayed or castrated cats are more susceptible to obesity and this type of kibble was developed to suit their needs. Feel free to spoil your cat with a tasty and healthy treat every now and then.

What does a senior cat eat?

As cats grow older, they become less active and their metabolism slows down. Reduced activity also means they need less energy. This means that grain-free kibble for neutered cats is also great for ageing cats as it contains less fat. The Adult chicken or fish flavoured kibble is suitable for senior cats as well. Ageing cats with dental problems will enjoy wet food because its soft texture is easier on the teeth. Pay close attention to your cat’s behaviour and make sure it eats enough but not too much. Use the food calculator to find out how much food to give your cat.

Organic cat food pâté with salmon

Organic cat food pâté with salmon

Organic cat food fillets in sauce in 3 tastes

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