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Christian’s Cape Town Adventure: Remote Work, Beach Vibes, and Unforgettable Moments

Picture this: Christian, our Sales Manager for DACH, swapped his cozy German office for the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of Cape Town, South Africa. Remote work? Check. Beach vibes? Double check. This is the tale of Christian's two-month Cape Town escapade, where work and play went hand in hand.

In this blog post, we're sitting down with Christian to spill the beans on his Cape Town experience – the good, the productive, and the unforgettable. Get ready to be inspired as he shares insights on productivity hacks, work-life balance, and how to blend remote work with adventure seamlessly. Christian's story is proof that you can chase success, work from paradise, and have an absolute blast along the way.

What inspired you to choose Cape Town as your remote work destination?

After 3 years of ongoing crises it was time for a change. A change of place, mindset and perspective. Therefore a destination far away from our European and Western civilization was perfect. Cape Town is known as a melting pot of cultures and as a place where mountains and the ocean meet each other garnished with a worldwide unique flora & fauna. Another incentive was that everyone in Cape Town speaks English.

How has the experience of working remotely from Cape Town influenced your productivity and work-life balance?

The work went surprisingly well. There is no time difference (in summer) and the internet connection is better than in Germany. Because you're far away from all obligations and don't have to keep appointments after work, I actually often worked longer. And on the other hand I could immediately feel like I was on vacation after work.

What were the biggest challenges you faced while adapting to the remote work setup in a new city?

Answering phone calls  I could not take the calls instantly as it would have been too costly. Instead I replied directly by skype as soon the caller hung up.

Were there any cultural experiences or unique aspects of Cape Town that left a lasting impression on you during your remote work stint?

It was impressive to see how many people from all over the world live in Cape Town. How the Bo-Kaap, one of Cape Town's earliest settlements, survives to this day. I especially remember the encounters with people from Zimbabwe, as they were very friendly, courteous and hardworking. A topic that isn't talked about often are the townships and cape flats (simple house or corrugated iron shacks), where around 40% of Cape Town's residents live. Even 30 years after the end of Apartheid, its history has not yet been overcome.

Uitzicht Kaapstad

And as colorful as Cape Town’s inhabitants are as colorful is its cuisine. Definitely worth a try.

What activities or attractions did you explore during your free time? / Could you share some of your favorite moments of your time in and around Cape Town?

I think Cape Town and the Garden Route to the east are places that offer endless opportunities for activities. We did almost everything that the environment offered. Here is a small excerpt: Hiking up Table Mountain, climbing Lion's Head, kayaking in Cape Town's Bay, visiting numerous museums and the Castle of Good Hope, as well as safaris and a visit to an organic rooibos farm.

Christian zee kajakken

Cape Town is known for its stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Did you have any memorable encounters with local wildlife or have any adventurous stories to share from your time spent exploring the outdoors?

Actually, I could list numerous experiences. But I found the snorkeling with seals particularly impressive. The 7 month old puppies are super curious and will nibble on you to find out what kind of animal you are. Seeing ostriches in the wild and up close right in front of the Atlantic Ocean is also unique. But one of the greatest adventures was a trip across the Cape Peninsula with our crazy guide. He led us past barriers and borders and tested our limits. So it happened that we didn't stop at the "Cape of Good Hope" sign, but climbed over slippery rocks to the end of the cape. That was pure thrill.

Christian zeehonden Christian luipaard

In retrospect, would you recommend Cape Town as a remote work destination to others? Why or why not?

Cape Town is well suited for remote work. It's affordable, impressive and there's no time difference. The food is great too.

The most important thing for me, however, was to see how people live at the other end of the world and to be able to spend a longer time in a foreign country without having to fly back and forth 6 times. In this way we were also able to keep the carbon footprint lower.

Whatever ones remote work destination might be, the most important thing is to prepare a lot to avoid trouble and confusion on the spot.

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Christian’s Cape Town Adventure: Remote Work, Beach Vibes, and Unforgettable Moments

This is the tale of Christian's two-month Cape Town escapade, where work and play went hand in hand.