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Great news! Lower prices.

Yarrah has been the leader in organic pet food for 31 years. Last year was a difficult year for everyone with rising prices. But in September, Yarrah will be reducing the price of several of its products. As a result, our companions can continue to enjoy delicious, healthy, planet-friendly meals while preserving their owners' budgets.

Why is Yarrah reducing prices?

We are among the first pet food brands to lower prices after a very volatile period of cost increases. We want to help our customers in this cost of living crisis and by lowering the price on some of our most popular products we hope to do that.

Why is Yarrah not reducing all its range, why 18 SKUs?

Yarrah promised to review prices and if costs came down to pass on this reduction to our customers. Not all our costs have come down. We have focused on our most popular products and reduced the price by a meaningful amount. We will continue to review costs and if they come down further we will review prices again but times remain volatile and we can’t be sure if and when this will happen.

Where can I find lower prices?

We hope all our trading partners will reduce retail prices from September but it is always up to the discretion of individual retailers to set the retail price. Yarrah can advise a retail price but can’t enforce one. You will for sure see lower prices on our web shops.

Are the price reductions just a marketing gimmick?

No. We have reduced the price on 18 SKUs by as much as 13%. The average is around 7.5%. This is a meaningful reduction and will help our customers in this difficult period.

Are your recipes changing to allow for the lower prices?

No. Our recipes remain the same. We will never compromise on quality and will continue to use the best pure organic ingredients.

Are you sourcing from new lower cost places?

No. Our sourcing remains unchanged.

Why have costs come down?

In 2022 there was huge inflationary pressure across all food and drink categories. Lots of factors collided including post-COVID recovery, and the conflict in Ukraine. Energy prices soared and ingredients all increased significantly too. While there is still lots of volatility in the market and inflation remains high we are seeing an easing of costs, especially on energy. This has allowed to reduce the prices of some of our range.

Organic cat food pâté with salmon

Organic cat food fillets with chicken in sauce

Organic cat food fillets with beef in sauce

Organic dog food pâté with chicken

Organic cat food fillets with turkey in sauce

Organic cat food fillets in sauce in 3 tastes

€7.16 €10.69

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Great news! Lower prices.

In September, Yarrah will be reducing the price of several of its products.

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